Quiz – What Business Should I Start? | Helloprint

So you missed the deadline for the next series of the Apprentice, but you aren’t willing to let that stop you. Good! You’ve been thinking about starting a business for a while and have perfected your negotiation, leadership and communication skills – So what is next and where do you start?

It is true that the majority of successful business owners possess a basic, similar skill set – but there are others, more specialised, along with strengths and weaknesses, that lend themselves to certain industries and business types. In today’s fast moving business culture you are constantly having business ideas thrown in your face; as you walk into town, browse your social media and talk to friends and family who always ‘know someone’ who has started their own business and is eager to share their pearls of wisdom with you. But what is really important, and something you must consider before embarking on your own business journey, is what business your personality type lends you to. In which business, because of your innate patience or sociability (for example), would you absolutely thrive?

Here at Hello Print we have conducted some research into which personality types suit which line of business, and by answering just a few questions we will be able to provide you with insight, not only into your business personality, but also what that means with regard to the type of business you should start.

Click below and all will be revealed…