A business card is often the first contact a customer or client has with your company. As a company you want your customer to get the right first impression. You also want to engage with your customer and encourage them to find out more about what you are doing as a company. One of the best ways to do this is to have a well-designed business card. We’ve listed some useful tips and tricks on this page!

1. Which contact details do I put on my business card

It may sound clear, but the first thing you have to consider when you are designing your business card is the information you want your customers or clients to have. Make sure your company, job title, name and your address is clear and readable. Think carefully about which other contact details you want displayed on your business card. From our experience we believe your website, telephone number and email address are the essential part of your business card. Most businesses don’t include their contact address anymore, so if you don’t have enough space, you could remove that part from your business card.

2. Where do I put my company name

Of course, one of the most important parts of designing your business card is knowing where to put your company name. It is important that your company name will be the centre of your business card. You could provide this with your logo, or if you don’t have one you could provide a relevant image. Recognition of your brand is very important and you need to ensure that people know who you are.

3. Make sure that your business card is readable

When you have a lot of information to display on your business card you can be tempted to shrink the size of the text, but be aware that small text can often look unreadable on paper. It might look readable on your screen but once printed, it could look different. There is a general rule that your size can not be any smaller than 8pt, also make sure that your font is professional and simple. There are some fonts that you’re better not using, Comic Sans being one of them as it looks very unprofessional.

4. The best paper for your business card

The paper you choose is one of the most important things when you’re ordering your business cards. Thick business cards of 400 gsm will impress everyone as this could feel more expensive in a customer’s or client’s opinion. If you use thinner paper this could feel very cheap and your customer could get the impression that you’re unprofessional. As mentioned above, a business card is the first look and feel with your company. So make sure you invest in your business card to ensure you leave a worthy first impression with your customer or client.

5. A colourful or plain business card

When bright colours are used correctly, it is the perfect way to stand out and look unique. Designers and creative business who aim to appear original mostly use bright colours. Do not underestimate a simple business card with a black or white design. This can even be as striking as a card with bright colours; sometimes this can be seen as more “trendy”.

6. Which colour can I use

We advise to keep the colours of the business card in line with the colours of your company’s branding. If you have company colours we advise you use them, so you can keep your marketing consistency and you give a professional image of your company. If you do not use a colour scheme within your company, just pick any other colours you think matches your company. Choose between one or two colours for your business card but try to avoid complementary colours as this could look unprofessional on a business card. If you are not sure which colours match, you can use an online colour-matching tool.

7. Can I use a visual content

Most people think that business cards and pictures are a common mistake that companies make, but when you put the picture on the back and all the contact details on the front it can be a really good idea! You could also use an image of your own products on the back of your business card, or anything related to your business! Do not leave the back of your card blank as this looks really unprofessional. Companies often think that their customers or clients don’t look on the back of a business card, this is untrue.

8. Can I use a framework and bleed

If we can give you a wonderful tip, then it would be to not use frames on your business card! There is one reason for this, and that is that is that printing is not precise. As nice as it could look on your screen there could be some movements with the paper in the machine during printing. This is why we advise always to put a 3mm bleed on a design, just so that there is some margin whilst printing and cutting. If you don’t use this you could get something like the picture below. On our website you can find the submission specifications and templates for a business card.

9. How important is text margin

Text margin is something that goes together with the bleed. We advise people to use this because otherwise text could be cut off your business card. The picture we are showing below is a really good example of text margin, this is why we always do a free file check to prevent cutting off your text. On our website you can find submission specifications and templates templates to design the best business card.

10. Keep your business card simple

You could make a real graphic masterpiece of your business card, but our advice is to keep it simple. Do not over react by adding some real graphic fireworks to your business card. If you follow all the steps as mentioned above, you can give a good impression of your company.

Okay, actually we have more than 10 tips for you! Below you can find the final tip:

11. Handing out business cards

When you are handing out your business cards to existing and potential customers or clients, always give them more than two cards. Maybe they will recommend or promote your company, or know someone who will be interested that they can pass it onto. In return you can ask for extra cards from them, so you can pass them on to other people.

We hope that you are able to use our tips and make a well-designed business card. We always like to see how you designed your business card, so send them into us.

If you have any questions about designing your business card, do not hesitate to send us an email or give us a call on: 0121 285 7464.