Whether you're printing a flyer to promote an event or a brochure to showcase your new products, you want it to be perfect. Your printed literature is a direct representation of your business, so naturally it needs to be flawless. Of course accidents do happen, especially when you're in a rush, so here is a handy guide of what to check and double check before sending your documents to the printers.

1. Spelling

This should go without saying, but nothing is more embarrassing than letting a basic spelling error go to print. If spelling isn't your strong suit, ask a friend or colleague to be your proofreader. Computer spell check functions are useful too, but be careful – they're not fool proof. For example, had we typed 'full proof', spell check would not have noticed!

2. Grammar

As with spelling, bad grammar will make your literature appear amateur and substandard, so make sure you're using the right versions of words throughout!

3. Detail is everything

Look at your piece as a whole, but be sure to check it close up too. What looks fine from a distance may not be quite perfect on closer inspection. Use your program's zoom function to view fine detail and make sure everything is as it should be.

Also, be sure to double and triple check things like web addresses, email addresses, post codes, telephone numbers and so on. It's easy to transpose digits, so have someone else double check all the details for you with a fresh pair of eyes.

4. Images

When printing brochures, or anything else including images for that matter, make sure the correct images are in the right place. You don't want to open your beautifully designed new brochure to find the product descriptions matched up to the wrong products!

5. Spacing

Extra spaces between lines of text in a press release, or uneven margins around an image on a flyer may not look very noticeable on a computer screen, but when printed, they can be incredibly displeasing and distracting to the eye. It's always a good idea to print a rough copy to get a true idea of what the finished piece will look like.

If you need any more advice on getting your literature picture perfect for printing, don't hesitate to get in touch!