Bet You Haven’t Heard of These Cool Fonts

Bet You Haven’t Heard of These Cool Fonts

Gotta love a cool font, right? Elizabeth Carey Smith, an experienced typographer, once said that type is branding and we couldn’t agree more. Deciding on what font style to use really becomes part of your brand image as a whole and the choice can be tough with so many free fonts out there. We at Helloprint love to step outside of the box, so we decided to show you a couple of unconventional fonts we are sure you haven’t heard about. Let’s get to it!

Leave a mark

Leave a mark | Bet You Haven't Heard of These Cool Fonts

This font is called ‘Marker Mark’ and for a reason too. It leaves the impression that somebody has quickly jotted down a message for you. Would love to have that person’s handwriting! You know we love our print, so we immediately pictured a beautiful business card with this font. The laid-back style of the font creates a very personal approach, which would make any person who receives it feel very special.

For the foodies

For the foodies  | Bet You Haven't Heard of These Cool Fonts

We didn’t expect that food and fonts are this closely related. However, there are so many fonts named after foods. Take for example ‘Raisin rage’, it is one of the most wonderfully weird fonts we love. The rounded imperfectly shaped letters remind us of a round crunchy raisin cookie. Imagine how good this font would look on a flyer, such a unique design is definitely up or a lot of double takes.

You know what goes well with cookies, ‘Milkshake’. This font is the perfect combination of simple, yet eye-catching. It’s a calligraphy font with nice lines flowing from one letter to another, just like spilt milk. ‘Milkshake’ is quite a universal font, which can be used for so many different things. Plus, it’s easy to read.

The one and only

The one and only | Bet You Haven't Heard of These Cool Fonts

We all want to feel special. We’ve got a unique font, which will definitely make you feel exclusive. ‘Nine tail’ is a special combination of thick and thin lines that together make for a very distinctive look. Put it up on a pavement sign in front of your store and you’ll get heads turning.

Classy and personal

Classy and personal  | Bet You Haven't Heard of These Cool Fonts

Are you all about that high class? We think that “Better Saturday” is a fancy font worth your while. It’s the perfect combination of classy typography with a personal handwritten touch. It’s one of those, which you want to save for a special occasion, for example, it will look incredibly chic on your wedding invitations. Or if you’re a wedding planner, use it for your logo.

Artsy vibes

Artsy vibes | Bet You Haven't Heard of These Cool Fonts

Painted on, brush stroke letters. Stereohead is a brush font with a hand-painted wet look and it is glorious. The font has added dimension with shadowing and letter connections. Paired with bold contrasting fonts it looks modern and eye-catching.

We hope we got you inspired to look for more unconventional fonts next time you get to designing. Share your designs with us on Instagram @helloprint with the #helloprinted