5 Black Friday Business Tips

5 Black Friday Business Tips

There is no doubt about it, since being introduced to the UK only a few years ago, Black Friday has stormed indominated the sales and claimed the title of the biggest shopping day of the year! Yes, I know what you are thinking, it does indeed sound very similar to the way customers tend to behave on the day itself.

It is however called Black Friday for a reason, as historically this was the first day of the year in which retailers would finally make a profit on their sales and move swiftly from ‘the red’ into ‘the black’. There is massive potential for all businesses on Black Friday to have their own share of over one billion pounds spent on that single day alone. These are our 5 business tips on how to get your biggest slice of the Black Friday pie.

1. Advertise in advance

Let your customers know you’ve got something planned. Send them a mail, print some posters for in-store, or put a banner online, drum up some excitement for the day. Many people plan their day, what they want to buy, and from where, so they need to know that you are participating in the sales to have you in their Black Friday masterplan.

2. Give exclusive deals to your loyal customers

It’s time to reward your loyal customers. Black Friday can turn into a ‘free for all’ at the best of times, but you have the ability to control that and show your loyal customer base that they are important. Let them in on the deal a day early, so they are ahead of the rush, or give them an additional discount on top of the deal for new customers for the day. They will appreciate that you value their loyalty and will also feel like they are getting an exclusive deal so are more likely to covert on the day.

3. Use social media to promote your deals

An important feature not to miss is broadcasting to all of your social media following that you have some great deals coming up, and on the day itself. This you can combine with both tip 1 & 2 to advertise in advance and indeed offer your loyal social followers something special.

4. Sell online & in-store

Don’t make the assumption that everybody will shop in store on Black Friday. This is where you will see the crowds, but more and more people every year are also logging in online looking to bag some great deals online from the comfort of their own home (without the risk of injury) Make sure to target these customers also.

5. Don’t forget about Cyber Monday

Finally don’t forget to follow up from Black Friday with an even better Cyber Monday deal – why not extend your discounts across the full weekend? Generally you should make your Cyber Monday offer even better than your online Black Friday deal, so keep this in mind and plan the two with each other in mind.

So there you have it! How to rock Black Friday in five easy steps. Good luck, and be sure to remember to check out our Black Friday deal this year..it’s going to be fun!