Business cards: Examples from real customers

Business cards: Examples from real customers

There are millions of business card designs. But which one fits your company best? For some extra inspiration, it’s a good idea to see how other entrepreneurs design their business cards. Below are some examples of inspiring business cards.

Examples of business cards

Pimp your business cards

Besides a good design for your business cards, you can do a lot more to make them really stand out. For instance, look at the image below. Simply by giving the edges a bright colour with a marker, you can create an awesome effect!

Designing business cards with free tool

Did you know you can easily design your own business cards at Helloprint? We have thousands of designs ready for you, which can be edited as you wish. That’s how making business cards gets really fun and easy. Check out the Canva designing tool!

Customers’ testimonials

Janneke Kamhoot, Seasons Musthaves “Through networking, I came across Helloprint. I was looking for a printing company with a high quality and a good price. Very happy with the luxury feel of my business cards. Would certainly do it again!”

Made with free designing tool

Joyce Sonneveld “Helloprint, I make all of my marketing requisites at this website, after some hard work and things not working out with pictures, I decided to call them for help. I should’ve done this earlier! After a short and funny selection menu, I was connected to an employee who talked to me in a very friendly and helping manner. Solution-oriented, customer-friendly, high level of service, a true example for businesses. I think a personal and customer-friendly approach towards your customers like this shows great capability, even more so when taking into account it’s on a website! Very strong.”

Petra Zoet “I’ve found THE printing company that suits everyone. From clever desktop publisher to “blonde” startup freelancer. The advice and service stands out above the rest. You get the feeling as if all presses are halted, just to help you to the best of their capabilities, whenever you have a question. My order was followed perfectly and I felt very appreciated. And if that’s not enough, the prices are outstanding. This is an especially affordable printing company that delivers true quality. A company that should be an example for others when it comes to customer focus!”

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