Business cards in 2021

Business cards in 2021

In an ever-changing market, many professionals often turn to online resources to find and network with prospective clients. However, the power of face-to-face communication is unbeatable; providing a personal approach that can build trust and relationships with other people in business.

In the UK, Business cards have been an indispensable business tool for years, dating back to the 15th century. Whilst the world watches other areas of business go digital, the humble business card continues to play a vital role in passing along professional information and forming long lasting connections. It’s a compact way of providing all of the information you need to know about yourself and your company, as well as making sure it’s being passed on to the right consumer. 

Business cards have been used to not only promote your business, but are also a way of standing out from the crowd, making a statement, and displaying a sense of individuality.

We at Helloprint held a survey for 1000 UK office workers to examine how important business cards are in the corporate world today, and how adaptations to them can keep them relevant, efficient, and current.

Why you should still have a business card in 2021

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Our survey found out that over 76% of people use conferences as an opportunity to network with others. A staggering 70% of people are keen to begin face-to-face networking again post-covid, now that more business conferences and events are going forward.

Socialising at such events breeds opportunity for several business-to-business marketing opportunities, as well as individuals seeking work and partnerships to link with the right consumers. However, solidifying a business deal in this environment can be difficult. Printing business cards and keeping them in your wallet can be a great way to prepare you to step in, say you’re taking the opportunity seriously and that you should talk further. 

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12% of people in the UK said they hand out their business cards within one week of them being in their wallet, according to our survey. Our data also tells us that the majority of people in our survey keep their business card accessible to them for long periods of time, just in case a networking opportunity arises.

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We found out that 42% of men and 40% of women find it empowering to hand out a business card. Handing over a card after a conversation with a potential business partner can create a lasting effect, and make you stand out from your competitor.

We also discovered that 33% of people are likely to keep a business card they’ve received in their wallet or purse for up to 1 year, and 1 out of 5 people keep them for up to 5 years. This tells us that they are an efficient way to keep your name on the tip of people’s tongues, as well as get more business through word-of-mouth. A survey conducted in 2015 showed that 83% of people are more likely to hire someone when recommended by a friend or family member!

45% of people keep 1-4 business cards in their wallet at a time, and 20% keep over five! Our survey also told us that unique business cards are favoured, as they are more likely to hold on to a business card if it stands out from the crowd. Helloprint’s business card service offers several tools to let you design the custom business card that perfectly encapsulates you and your brand. From rounded edge business cards to gold foil business cards, you can also choose from a variety of experimental styles and materials.

The future of business cards

In the new age of the corporate world, it’s also important for business cards to be adapted to three core values: diversity, equality and sustainability.

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55% of people think it’s a good idea to have your pronouns on your business card. With popular social media websites such as Instagram creating a new setting that displays your pronouns next to your name. Informing people of them publicly is more widely accepted in 2021.

We also found out that 48% of people think printing a phonetic pronunciation of your name onto a business card is a great way of aiding B2B communication. Websites like LinkedIn have incorporated this feature where users can record themselves pronouncing their name, so it prepares others before speaking with them.

Why not try something new? A whopping 66% of people said they would love to see a photo of the individual on a business card and 42% think it’s a great idea to crack a joke on them! Making your business cards more personable can help the consumer relate to your brand.

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That being said, avoid printing a personal social media handle on your business card. Even though we all have online profiles, 69% of office workers think this unprofessional.

Helloprint offers a sustainable business card printing service, enabling you to have your cards – and other printed goods – made from recyclable, recycled, and eco-friendly products. This caters to the average of 75% of people in our survey that believe it is important for business cars to be green.

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This is particularly popular for Generation Z, where 72% of them would only consider printing business cards if they are sustainable. The adaption to the values of the younger audience helps business cards stay prevalent in society today.
Now that you understand the power of a good business card, you can go ahead and print your business cards at Helloprint in the UK. Feeling inspired? Comment below!