Business cards: Sizes and measurements

A business card is often the first contact between your customer and your company. A big chance to make a good first impression. You can make your business card into a true piece of art, but what is the right format of a business card? Is it the same around the world?

Business cards measurements

Business cards are an extension of your company. You want your business card to stand out, but not fall out of place. When you conduct business abroad, you’re going to want your card to fit the usual formats in that country. In this article, I’ll show you what those usual formats are ‘around the globe’. The formats below aren’t far apart, but wouldn’t it be a shame if your business cards didn’t fit in the business card holder?

  1. In the UK and West-Europe, the format of business cards is 85 x 55mm
  2. United States and Canada have a standard format of 88.9 x 50.8mm
  3. Japanese business cards are 91 x 55mm
  4. For the eastern part of Europe and Russia, you’ll need cards of 90 x 50mm
  5. In the rest of the world, the sizes as used in the UK are applicable.

Business cards that stand out

Your design is what makes or doesn’t make your business card unique. But there are more possibilities to stand out from the crowd. Besides the ‘normal business card‘, you can also get “special business cards” at Helloprint!

On our business cards page you can find our folded cards, for instance. These folded cards are, as the name implies, folded open or closed.

Besides the folded cards, we have another special type of card. The PVC and PVC-transparent business cards. The material used and its shape is comparable with a bank card. Very sturdy and unique! Especially the PVC-transparent card is very special. It makes sure your potential customers and relations are instantly impressed (see image at top of article).

Delivery specifications

In our delivery specifications, you can see how you can design your business cards clearly. For instance, we ask you to keep a text margin of 3-5mm. this is because there is a maximum potential deviation of 3mm during the cutting process. If your text is closer to the edge than 3mm, chances are your text will be partially cut off. Of course, we want to prevent this!

Also make sure the measurements of your file correspond with the actual print. If we have to enlarge your file, the quality might decrease. If we have to make your file a lot smaller, chances are your text will be unreadable. Therefore, take a good look at our technical drawings. If you use our free designing tool to create your print, there’s no need to take any delivery specifications into account.

Any questions? Let us know, We’d love to help!