Capital of Cool

Capital of Cool

At Helloprint we have always been welcoming to talented interns. Recently we had a dazzling amount of 25 interns from Portugal, Russia, Austria, Sweden, Hawaii, France, Poland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Bulgaria, Vietnam, China, Palestine and Venezuela to design both our and their future, while working on their theses. 

To study in Rotterdam is a wise decision. Rotterdam has everything to make your life in The Netherlands educational, exciting and unforgettable: high-quality study programmes, festivals, sports, culture, entertainment, shopping and architecture. 

Rotterdam is a dynamic metropolis, the ‘Gateway to Europe’. A city that is constantly reinventing itself. But above all, Rotterdam is a city you have to experience for yourself. For those who decide to study in Rotterdam, we advise discovering the city in full. This is the place to let your talents blossom. Rotterdam and Helloprint offer endless opportunities to take your career to great heights.

Rotterdam innovates and inspires. Another reason why it’s an amazing city for students is the fact that it’s always innovating. There’s plenty going on in terms of modern architecture and technology: there are various temporary structures, floating farms, stunning skyscrapers, the Markthal, often referred to as the Sistine Chapel of Rotterdam and we can keep going.

In Rotterdam, the sky’s the limit. It is a city that rose from the ashes of war. Ever since its people have (literally) tried to reach for the stars. When in Rotterdam, you get the feeling that the city is constantly evolving and moving forward. This, of course, translates into interesting learning opportunities for those curious enough to meet the right people and ask the right questions.

Let our city challenge you to reinvent yourself in a way that suits you! And if you take up the challenge, we will face a bright future together. We look forward to your arrival and we will see you soon in Rotterdam!’