Cheap Mass Marketing Methods

Cheap Mass Marketing Methods

Every business wants to be noticed. The more customers you get, the more your business can grow. There are a lot of options for cheap mass marketing. In general, social media, TV spots, or billboards can be great, but it takes a lot of money to execute. It’s just not an option, especially for small businesses.

In this digital age, print products are considered old school or traditional marketing. Regardless, it is still one of the most effective AND cheap marketing tools out there. It does a good job of catching people’s attention and spreading the word about your business. With the right distribution or placement strategy, you can easily gain so many more customers.

Here are some print products you can use for cheap mass marketing:


Flyers | Cheap mass marketing methods | Helloprint

Flyers are the most common print products used for cheap mass marketing. Not only are they cheap to reproduce, but they’re also informative and easily stored as well. They can be used to advertise your business’ products and services or even inform about an upcoming sale or event, or you can package them with giveaways. They can also be used to give out deals or discounts, the receiver can take advantage of.

The best flyers still hold power in marketing brands. Unlike social media posts or billboards, it’s harder to ignore a flyer especially when it’s being handed to you. If you managed to snag or pick up a flyer, you can easily store it in your pocket or bag for later reference.

Flyers are also practical to use. Aside from saving money, you can also target your potential customers quicker and easier, depending on your distribution strategy.

Folded Leaflets

Folded leaflets | Cheap mass marketing methods | Helloprint

Folded Leaflets are quite similar to flyers in terms of appearance and function. The difference is with every additional page you can give more detailed information about your product and business. Tell your story about who you are, what kind of products and services you offer, and what your company aims to do and how you’re doing it.

Business Cards

Business Cards | Cheap mass marketing methods | Helloprint

Business cards are essential not only for person-to-person networking but it can also be used to as a cheap marketing tool.

Try using them in a different way and ‘forget’ a card on the table of every restaurant you go to. Or for that matter EVERYWHERE you go, leave a trail of cards behind you – even better if you print one side with something that is sure to get noticed like a money print or credit card 😉

Banners, Flags, and Signs

Banners, flags & signs | Cheap mass marketing methods | Helloprint

Another fast and great way to get noticed is by using banners, flags, and signs. These outdoor advertising tools can attract new and older customers alike in big events such as fairs, trade shows, and concerts.

In a good location, you can guarantee that the cost per impression (cpm) on your street banner is much cheaper than any social campaign by far!

Get creative with your outdoor marketing. They don’t always have to be in a square or rectangle shape. For banners, you can print roll-up banners or fence banners. Flags can be in a triangle shape or a teardrop shape. You can also have your signs and panels cut into any shape or size you want.

Though they’re smaller than traditional billboards, banners and signs are way cheaper so you can produce more than one. They’re also practical and cheap marketing tools. They are easy to put up and take down and can be reused at multiple events.

The most expensive marketing option isn’t always the best. Take advantage of print products as cheap mass marketing methods. They could be just as effective for just the fraction of the price. Let us know in the comments below what methods do you find to be most cost-effective and why?