As a hospitality entrepreneur, your dishes and drinks are your unique selling point. If your cook is working hard to serve your guests a splendid meal, those dishes should look just as good on the menu. But how can you make a beautiful menu without having any experience in designing?

Making a menu isn't always easy, especially when you don't have any designing experience. You're no hospitality expert or graphical professional. You do want, however, a menu that breathes your restaurant's ambiance and your dishes' feel. This article will help you to make a beautiful menu.

Having the menu made for you

Maybe you've hired a designer to make your menus. In that case, you can go to our menus page right away. If you're willing to do it yourself with design software, you can of course use our ready to use templates to assist you.

Create your menu yourself

As you can read in our submission specifications page, we ask you to implement a text margin of 3-5mm. This is because a maximum deviation of 3mm can occur during the cutting and cropping of prints. If your text is less than 3mm from the edge of your design, there's a possibility of your text being partially cut off the print. Of course, we want to prevent this. Also make sure the measurements of your file correspond with the actual print. You can imagine, if we have to enlarge your file, the quality decreases. If we have to make your file a lot smaller, chances are your text will be unreadable. Decide in advance of designing what the size of your menu will be. Make good use of the technical drawings, you can use these as a grid for your menu. Below are some cool menus, purely for inspiration:

Modern fast food

This cool fast food restaurant created a nice contrast by using yellow and black. It's a clear menu with distinct headers and a fresh look. Makes you feel hungry!

Newspaper menu

Do you have a nice and classic diner where people can come for both a drink and a meal? This newspaper is your best option. Besides all your dishes, you can display info about your employees and the history of your restaurant in it. Then add some pretty pictures!


This lunch room has a very clear and orderly menu. By making use of distinct headers, the customers can easily find whatever they're looking for. This way, the customer can directly see what they can expect of you right as they see the menu.

Hopefully, you've gained some inspiration to make your super pretty menus. Curious about our assortment of menus? Go to the menus page.

Have any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us. We'd like to help you further!