Creating menus: Examples and explanation

Creating menus: Examples and explanation

As a hospitality entrepreneur, your dishes and drinks are your unique selling point. If your cook is working hard to serve your guests a splendid meal, those dishes should look just as good on the menu. But how can you make a beautiful menu without having any experience in design?

Tips & Tricks

Keep it in line – Keep text left justified, in one size and colour which is easily readable. Headers can be larger and in bolder colours to stand out.
Prices should be clear – Written in an easily readable font – nobody wants to be awkwardly asking the price of every item on your menu!
Visuals are a winner – We love to see what we are going to get – use visuals to your advantage, what dish do you want to sell the most? Make sure that’s the one your promoting with its own picture!
Honesty is the best policy – Don’t exaggerate, it will only lead to disappointment – images should look like the food you will serve and descriptions should be accurate!

Making a menu isn’t always easy, especially when you don’t have any design experience. You do want, however, a menu that breathes your restaurant’s ambiance and your dishes’ feel. The good news is, with these tips & tricks and the examples below, you’ll be inspired to make the best designs to make the beautiful menu to serve you best!

Modern fast food
This cool fast food restaurant created a nice contrast by using yellow and black. It’s a clear menu with distinct headers and a fresh look. Makes you feel hungry! Best printed on A4 PVC menu cards, wipeable so you can keep them clean 😉

Newspaper menu
Do you have a nice and classic diner where people can come for both a drink and a meal? This newspaper is your best option. Besides all your dishes, you can display info about your employees and the history of your restaurant in it. Then add some pretty pictures! Best printed on writable placemats which are so cost effective you can conveniently dispose of them after use!

This lunchroom has a very clear and orderly menu. By making use of distinct headers, the customers can easily find whatever they’re looking for. This way, the customer can directly see what they can expect of you right as they see the menu. This would also work really nice as a tri-fold menu, that can be tucked back in the holder after you have decided what to eat

So now you’ve gained some inspiration to make your super pretty menus. Curious about our assortment of menus? Go to the menus page.

Having the menu made for you

Maybe you’ve hired a designer to make your menus. In that case, you can go to our menus page right away.

Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d like to help you further!