Attractive letterheads: Examples and explanation

Attractive letterheads: Examples and explanation

Professional letterheads are a must for any business or company. But what is an attractive letterhead? In this article, we give you inspiration and examples for good-looking letterheads.

Letterheads form the backbone of your corporate or company stationary stock but can sometimes be overlooked by even the most organised and professional of companies. However, sending a quotation, bill or newsletter is a perfect chance to make the difference. By having professional and attractive letterheads, recipients will trust you, your customer will be just a little bit more likely to accept your quotation or your customer will be less upset about receiving a bill from you. And nice letterheads will make your newsletter be read more often. Below, we’ll give you some examples and provide advice on what you can do to achieve similar results.

Designing your own letterhead

If you’re an avid user of design software, of course you want to design your own letterhead. Letterheads usually looks like this: your logo and/or company name is at the top. Your contact details are usually at the bottom. Of course, there are exceptions. Try to be creative, but don’t forget who your audience is. As a life insurance company, maybe being overly creative is not a good idea.

Examples of letterheads

Design letterheads for free

Online at Helloprint, you can easily design your own letterheads for free. Below are some examples of letterheads and their corresponding branches.


When you have given a couple an amazing wedding, you want the memories of that great night to stick with them. Receiving a long bill for that night is of course not the greatest thing, but with stylish letterheads, it might make it just a little bit easier. A nice picture of your restaurant and employees makes the difference!


Sending a quotation for a living room extension or dormer is quite a normal thing. But it’s the perfect moment to convince your potential customer. Adding a photo of your most impressive project could convince them!

Sports club

The newsletter for the youth camp of your football club looks a bit more charming with a nice photo of the previous edition. The kids will already be dying to go on this one!


In business, you want to give a professional impression. Professionality with a personal touch often gives people more trust. Therefore, use quotations and letterheads with a picture of your team. Professional business with personal contact!

Your branch not listed?

No worries, there are plenty of online tools and templates, like Canva, you can find to serve as a base for you to spring off of.

We hope you gained some inspiration to make your letterhead super pretty. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We’d love to help you!