Does Paper Weight Affect Print Quality?

Does Paper Weight Affect Print Quality?

A rule of thumb in printing: the paper weight is related to function, while the paper finish is important for the design.

Paper weight has no effect whatsoever over quality. However, it is an important factor in your decision about what to use your print for. Some paper weights are more appropriate for office printing or photocopying. Others are more suitable for printing official marketing materials like posters, brochures and booklets

On the other hand, the right finish can make or break your design. Depending on how your print looks, you’ll need a different finish to make it stand out, matte to make text-based print easy to read or glossy to make images on print life-like. Want to know more? Read about the different finishes.

However, in regards to paper weight, to choose the correct weight, you have to consider the function of your print products. Here is a quick guide to help you understand which paper weight is best suited for your specific occasion and business:

90 gsm 
This paper type is the most cost-effective option for quality printing. 90 gsm paper creates high-quality prints for your business, which are light and easy to carry.

Best For
This paper weight is best suited for mass-producing print products like flyers and booklets at a small price tag. It’s the perfect option, if you want a stunning product that will reach as many people as possible. 

135 gsm
A common choice for print promotional campaigns is 135 gsm paper. It is less prone to wrinkling, it’s also great for wide-spread distribution on a budget. 

Best For
This paper weight is perfect for print products, meant for trade shows, conventions and similar events. It combines the lightweight factor with the convenience of the fact that customers can easily fold it and put it in their bags and it will not get completely crumbled.  

170 gsm
For something a little more body, try the 170 gsm paper. This paper can create very luxurious and professional-looking prints, it is light enough to be distributed during business events.

Best For
This heavy-weight printer paper can be used for creating prints for official events such as business conferences and shareholder meetings, where you would still want relatively lightweight paper, because you have to carry a lot of promotional material, but you want to avoid people folding it. 

250 gsm
Impress customers with 250 gsm paper. Any print material will stand out with this heavy-weight paper. It is the best paper, if you want a product that can be used and re-used for a while.

Best For
250 gsm paper is commonly used by the hospitality and retail industries. This nice printing paper is often used as the paperback cover for booklets. 

300 gsm
Should your prints be very long-lasting? Go for 300 gsm paper. This heavy-weight printer paper cannot be easily folded or wrinkled and it’s perfect for any product that you want to use for a longer time. 

Best For
A 300 gsm paper is best used as a cover paper for booklet printing. Using this paper will surely impress everyone, especially your customers and business partners.

Choosing a paper for printing is difficult if you don’t know what options are out there. We hope that this paper weight guide helps you decide which paper is best for your prints!