Double vs Single Sided Flyers

Double vs Single Sided Flyers

Single-sided flyers are out; double-sided flyers are in. More space in your flyer printing makes it easier to create better flyer designs. On top of that, you are also using more sustainable advertising practices.

Here are the reasons why you should make double-sided flyers for your flyer printing:

Cost-Effective Printing

Cost-Effective Printing | Double vs Single Sided Flyers

You only have a limited amount of space in flyers to communicate your message effectively to customers. Why limit yourself to using only one side of the page?

By using both sides of the flyer, you can create low-cost flyers with more meaningful and impactful design and content regarding your products, services, or events for your target audience for almost the same price as single-sided flyers.

Design Efficient

Design Efficient  | Double vs Single Sided Flyers

Designers often have to compromise on what design elements and information to include when creating one-sided flyers. Sometimes, they need to make a creative solution to fit all of the required information on a single page.

With double-sided flyers, you will have the opportunity to create a more effective flyer design. No longer will you have to fight to avoid crammed up designs. Having more space means that the design elements will be able to breathe.

More Content

More Content | Double vs Single Sided Flyers

Having more space enables you to give more comprehensive content to your readers. Double-sided flyer printing also gives you more opportunity to reinforce your message and call-to-action better. For companies with a wide range of products and services, these flyers also let you showcase your products more effectively.

Here’s a flyer hack for you: If you created a single-sided flyer design, sell the backside as ad space to a fellow business. That way you can cut in half flyer costs, so provide advertising space to another local business, and make sustainable choices that will help the environment.

Double the Impact

Double the Impact | Double vs Single Sided Flyers

Sometimes, the blank space at the back of a flyer can be perceived as a waste of space. Double-sided flyers can have a much bigger impact than single-sided ones. With a large amount of space, you can create an even better flyer design that will effectively influence people to buy your products. Whether they’re looking at the front or the back, your flyer can provide more useful and informative content.

Sustainable Printing

Sustainable Printing | Double vs Single Sided Flyers

Lastly, flyer printing on both sides is more environmentally-friendly. Instead of creating multiple flyers to promote your products and services, you can feature most of them all in one flyer.

If you own a restaurant, for example, there’s no need to create separate flyers for your featured specials and takeout menu. You can have the front side advertise your new menu items and the back to showcase all the items in your menu.

Double-sided flyers are not only better for business. They’re better for the environment too. What are you waiting for? Create your own double-sided flyers to promote your business!