Exhibition Checklist

Exhibition Checklist

Your Step-by-Step Preparation Guide for a Successful Trade Show

Preparing for an upcoming trade show or trade exhibition is now a walk in the park. There are so many things that need to be done that it’s often hard to keep track of everything. The solution? An exhibition checklist. This exhibition preparation guide will help you stay organized and be mindful of the steps to planning an exhibition. It will also help keep an eye on all tasks and their deadlines.

Here’s is a trade show checklist to make sure you keep track of all the things required for your exhibition stall.

[ ] Set up a budget

You can’t start planning your booth without your budget. It ensures that you have just the right amount of money for all the things you need for the fair. In this stage, make sure you know what you need and how much will be allotted to it.

[ ] Register for the trade show

Trade show registration usually opens up months up to a year in advance. It’s important to register early to ensure a good spot in the venue.

[ ] Book necessary flights and hotel accommodations

As soon as you have your spot at the trade show, book the travel tickets and hotel accommodations for you and your team. Booking all of these early will help you get a good deal at a low price.

[ ] Get the word out

Spread the word that you’re participating in the trade show as soon as you’ve confirmed your registration. Update the company website and all your online channels to say you’ll be participating in the trade show. Send emails to the people in your email subscription list. If the trade show is local, give out flyers to possible attendees.

[ ] Research

Asses your past trade show exhibitions, or if it’s your first time, your competitor’s exhibitions. Take note of how their stall looked like and what worked and what didn’t. You’ll find ways on how to improve and have an edge over your competitors.

[ ] Ask for the dimensions of the exhibition space

It’s important to know how big your space is so you know what size exhibit materials you need. There should be enough space for the exhibit materials and for the people to roam around in.

[ ] Ask for the rules and regulations of the trade fair

Knowing the rules and regulations is a crucial step to planning an exhibition. Make sure you’re aware of what is allowed and what is not at the exhibit and communicate it to your team.

[ ] Have the exhibition space ready

Finalize the plans for the exhibit stands in your booth. The sooner you do it, the earlier you construct and order the exhibition walls, panels, branded furniture and all other attributes needed for your trade fair stall. 

[ ] Order and prepare all the promo materials 

Prepare demo supplies and exhibition equipment, product samples, promotional materials such as business cards and flyers, giveaways, and recording system of the attendees of your exhibition (if not provided by the organizers).

[ ] Figure out the logistics 

Logistics are important for all trade shows. Figure out how and when the trade fair materials and equipment will be transported to the venue. Also, take note of who will be involved in the setting and packing of the trade fair stall. Coordinate with the trade show organizers for better planning of the logistics.

[ ] Choose your trade show team

Choose the people who will best represent your company at the trade show. They should be able to handle manning a trade show booth and interact easily with potential customers.

[ ] Train your trade show team

Assign their roles and their rotation at the trade show. Train them on what to do, what to know, and what to say and how to say it. Practice with them on how to effectively converse with the potential customers and how to sell them your products and services.

exhibition checklist

Feel free to download this checklist and have it with you throughout the whole preparation process. So, now go and get ready for the exciting experience at the trade fair!