5 original examples of inspiring festival posters

5 original examples of inspiring festival posters

Finally, the festival season is almost here! Most festival organisations are already busy making sure that they get the best artists. Another important thing is obviously selling the tickets for their event. With the huge amounts of festivals that are planned every week, this is definitely not an easy task. How do you make sure you separate yourself from the pack?

Posters are by far the most important marketing tool for all festivals. A lot of times the scheduled artists are named here to attract attention. But even if you have a great list of names performing at your festival, really standing out is not an easy task. That’s why we put together this list of very original and effective festival posters for inspiration.


This poster of the Rewire festival makes clever use of music enthusiast nostalgia. Posters of legendary festivals or concerts often get framed and put up on the wall as a real piece of art. This way of using festival posters was the inspiration for this great one by Rewire.


The Dutch festival Lentekabinet also has a very original way to make sure they stand out from their competitors. Their poster has a straightforward but striking colour scheme and somehow feels very spacey. The way the poster is drawn, it almost looks like the dates are in 3D.

Wildlife Festival

Wildlife’s poster really exudes a lot fun with its psychedelic look. One of the biggest modern challenges for all marketeers is making people look at your advertisement for as long as possible. In this case, you almost have no other choice. Everywhere in the poster there is something crazy and or beautiful happening. Even though it is a very busy poster, the designer still did a great job at making sure that the most important details of the festival are crystal clear.

Woodford Folk Festival

This beautiful poster of the Woodford Folk Festival seems to come straight out of a Disney movie. The organization definitely made a bold decision by not naming any performing artists on the poster. But if this image gives you any idea of what you can expect from the festival’s vibe, then who cares who’s performing?


The Sasquatch! Festival found a great and original way of designing their poster. As you can see, all featured artists together form some sort of creature. This creature is supposed to be Sasquatch, which is the Indian name for Bigfoot. Clever, right? This poster design is used every year in order to ensure recognizability, while the colours change. Very original and bold!

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