How To Select The Right Finish For Your Flyer

How To Select The Right Finish For Your Flyer

You just designed the most amazing flyer? That’s great, but have you thought about the right finish to compliment it? Finishes can really take your flyers to the next level. You might think it’s not of huge importance, just choose the one that looks shiniest, right? Well, not exactly.

There are many paper finishes you can use to elevate the look and feel of your flyer. Each one has its own unique characteristics that can make or break your flyer design. Find out what are the different leaflet finishes and when can you use them.

Matt about it

Matt about it | Flyer finishes explained

Give your flyers a unique look by choosing a matt finish. Any flyer with this finish will seem more serious and professional.

When Should I Use This Paper Finish?
Flyers that have more text can benefit more from this finish. A matt flyer finish makes reading text-heavy flyers much easier, especially under bright lights, since there is no light reflected on the paper’s surface.

Glossy perfection

Glossy perfection | Flyer finishes explained

The shine of a gloss finish can bring life to any flyer. Gloss is a quite popular finish for promotional flyers. The high sheen brings out the vibrancy of any image. It creates a flashy and luxurious look that will make your flyers stand out.

When Should I Use This Paper Finish?
A gloss finish is the best for flyers with intricate designs and lots of visuals. This flyer finish is guaranteed to make your products look their best.

High Gloss Class

High Gloss Class | Flyer finishes explained

What’s better than shine? Even more shine! High gloss is just like the gloss paper finish but with a lot more shine. Like the glossy finish, its ability to reflect bright light gives any flyer a striking and classy appearance. It creates an eye-catching and high impact effect that will bring your visuals to life.

When Should I Use This Paper Finish?
This type of paper finish is perfect for flyers that place high emphasis on the visuals. Due to its high shine, however, it can be quite difficult to read text under bright lights. Choose this finish, if you’re going for an out-of-the-box flyer design that doesn’t include long text explanations.

Uncoated minimalism

Uncoated minimalism | Flyer finishes explained

Use uncoated or writable flyers for a simpler, more natural, and down-to-earth character. This paper finish will enable you to easily write on your flyers. We can assure you that the ink won’t smudge or skip, which might happen if you try to write on flyers with a glossy finish.

When Should I Use This Paper Finish?
This flyer finish is perfect for flyers that often get written on. For example, as a salesperson sometimes you might want to write down your contact details so that customers can reach you. It is also good for flyers, which include a printed contest or raffle form.

The right paper finish for your flyers can really make them stand out. Bring out the best in your flyer design by choosing the right flyer finish!