Free Whitepaper: Prepare your business to win on Black Friday

Black Friday is the new kid in school and every entrepreneur has a big crush on it. In recent years, the phenomenon has crossed the ocean from the United States to Europe and has grown rapidly. But how do you make that first step?

In order to be successful, you need a plan. You need to offer amazing deals, get your promotional materials in order, inform the right people, and make sure that you stand out from the competition. Luckily for you, we’re here to help you learn and prepare for Black Friday. This whitepaper is your go-to guide to win this Black Friday.

Table of content

  • The importance of Black Friday
  • Most often used deals
  • How to create awareness using print
  • Make your store stand out
  • Get inspired
  • Get started!

Ready to get started? Download the whitepaper here.