Use free flyer templates for your business

Use free flyer templates for your business

With a good flyer, you’ll attract more business. Who doesn’t want that? How can you make a stunning flyer, without any experience in designing? At Helloprint, you can! 

A designer costs money. A good flyer design can easily cost you hundreds of pounds. And they have to be distributed too. The simple notion of handing out flyers can end up with you paying a big price. 

Luckily, there is a solution! You can make your flyers easily online.  With the thousands of free flyer templates available online from places like Canva, suitable for all demographics and audiences, you can have the perfect flyer for your marketing purpose. In addition, most flyer templates are completely free and can be edited to satisfy your needs.

Offline downloading of flyer templates

If you’re an avid user of design software, you probably want to design your flyers yourself. Is your file ready? Make sure you double check whether your design is in line with the guidelines below. Then go directly to look at all the flyer types we have available, or if you’re completely ready, head straight to the flyer page and make your order!

Example of a correct flyer file

Using an illustration, we will explain how you can send us your file the right way. If you do it the way described below, cropping will be done correctly and important elements will not be omitted. Therefore, make sure you use templates like the ones described below.

Example of a flyer with bleed & margin

hot to make a flyer visual

It’s very important that you follow the above print rules when designing your flyer. Keep in mind that you have to include a bleed and a margin when creating your file. Here’s a quick explanation on what those are:


Flyers are usually made on huge sheets of paper, which are later cut into your chosen size. Sometimes the blade of the cutting machine can be slightly misaligned, due to vibrations and a million other causes. If you didn’t leave a bleed, your flyer may have a very thin white strip along the edge as a result of the tiny misalignment during cutting. 

Bleed is essentially the space between the submitted size, meaning your full design, and the final size, meaning where your design will be cut. Make sure your design spreads to the fullest in the submitted size to avoid a white border. 


A margin would ensure that your design will be nowhere near the blade of the cutting machine. If you have left a margin and have created your design in the margin, you can be sure that none of it would be cut off. 

The margin is the space between the final size of your flyer, where it would be cut and the safety zone. It’s important that you keep your text and images at least 4mm away from the cutting line to avoid your text and images being cut off from the whole design, resulting in a messy look. 

If you are still confused about other printing terms, make sure you check our article about different types of paper for flyers, which will explain it all. 

Template examples

Free online flyer editing of templates

Besides changing the layout, editing texts and much more, you can also add your own images, or choose from thousands of images from databases or your own stock. Creating a flyer is a breeze when you have the tools to create the perfect design, but make sure you also think about the text, learn how to create a catchy flyer here.

What do you think? Has this guide been helpful? Any tips or tricks for when picking templates you can share? Let us know in the comments below!