Growth hack your business with outdoor advertising

Growth hack your business with outdoor advertising

Today we are subjected to so much digital advertising from all possible angles that we have started to tune out from it. We have become numb to ads in apps, on social media, in your email, on the radio, on TV, the list goes on, and we have begun to find different ways to switch off leaving these methods less effective.

What if I could tell you there is another marketing method, which is being underestimated and underused by many start-ups and small businesses. One that you can not unsubscribe from, fast forward or pay for an upgraded version to turn off? You have one cost no matter how many impressions there are? Sounds too good to be true, right? It’s not – and it’s going to be the #growthhack that will make you stand out, and take you from start-up to scale-up faster than the rest.

The answer. Get your brand and advertising outside. Outdoor Print. It’s a classic, which many view as an old-school advertising method, giving you the chance to go from an over-saturated digital market to somewhere that your efforts and investment are guaranteed to stand out and get you noticed. 

There are many ways that you can use print outside and it’s important to get the right fit for what, where and when you are advertising. Beach flags are a great way to catch attention as they ‘dance’ in the wind. With multiple bases, and sizes available you can be sure to find the right combination for your location. Flag tip; use multiple flags in one location – build an army of flags ready to battle for your brand to be the centre of attention. Less is never more in this situation.

If you have a shop or store, you will already be familiar with signs and panels, and the huge difference they can make to your storefront. Turning something unremarkable into a real professional set-up starts from the outside in. But there are many more uses for this cost-effective print product. Placing signage around the area you are located in does not only help people to find you, but can act as a trigger to remind them you are there and sub-conciously think about your brand and product. Signage tip; check out contour cutting – cut the panel to any custom shape to fit your brand or message. 

There are of course more creative ways that you can advertise outdoors, for example billboard advertising with our banners, and pavement signs. If you can make people smile they will remember you, and if you can give them a relaxing place to chill, when its most needed they will definitely favour you.

The three most important things that you need to keep in mind when arranging your artwork and selecting your products for advertising outside are; 
1. Keep it simple, bold designs, contrasting colours, as little text as possible. It will be viewed from a distance after all. 
2. Quantity & size. Bigger is better and more is more. 
3. Location. This is super important, make sure you have a location which is clearly visible to as much passing traffic as possible with no obstructions, and make sure you have the most suitable product & accessories for that.

It’s simple really – the advertising method that you can’t switch off. Don’t miss this opportunity and let your competition beat you to it!