Our Guide for Ordering Personalised Stickers

Our Guide for Ordering Personalised Stickers

Everyone loves stickers! Remember that feeling as a child when you were given a sticker for outstanding performance? It sticks 😉 

Now you can use stickers to promote your products or services. There’s no better way to do this than with our personalised stickers. Sit down at a local cafe, look around and see how many stickers you can find. From stickers as a product label to stickers on laptops and window stickers. Follow our guide to make your own printed stickers.

Why do you want Stickers?

Knowing why you want to order custom stickers will make it easier to actually order. This will help you with the what question. What do I want on the stickers? Some examples are:
1. Your company name
2. Your company logo
3. Company values
4. Company slogan
5. Catchy line
6. Promotional stickers, for sale or discount codes

personalised labels on roll image printing

What shape should you pick?

Next to think about is the shape of your stickers. Stickers come in a variety of sizes and shapes. In order to pick the most suitable shape for your stickers, think of the sticker design that you are going to print on it. Does it go better with rectangular stickers? Or will it be better to print your design onto oval shaped stickers? Your options:

labels on roll image printing

What size is most suitable for me?

From personalised labels to apply on packaging to big floor and window stickers. Is your sticker your company logo? Then you want it to be visible for everyone to see it. Is your sticker a subtle message and you want people to experience it from up close? Then it makes more sense to choose a smaller size. You can choose from our standard size options, and for some stickers you have the custom size option, such as these custom vinyl stickers.

What material should you pick?

Now we’ve discussed why you’re going to print, what the sticker design will look like, what shape it’s going to be and in what size the personalised stickers come, it’s time to think about the material of the stickers. We have a wide range of different material types. From glossy, to transparent and writable materials. The glossy material is shiny and waterproof, but the writeable material is very useful for labeling. So when picking the material you should keep in mind how the stickers will be used.

Vinyl sticker printing image

How many do you need?

This really depends on when and how you are going to use your personalised stickers. Let’s say you are the organizer of a yearly local festival, you might need a minimum of 5000 stickers to cover your needs. Are you an Ecommerce company and plan to add a personalised logo sticker to every order, then you need enough to cover all your orders.