HIT WEEK – A work introduction week less ordinary

HIT WEEK – A work introduction week less ordinary

At Helloprint we care a lot about our culture. This culture has always been at the base of how we operate as an organisation. We have a set of core values such as ‘show flammable passion’, ‘design yourself’, ‘solve it’ and ‘enjoy the ride’. Each team member should understand and live by these values. This way we know for sure that we get the most out of ourselves and each other. In order to make sure that every new team member gets the best start of their Helloprint career, we organise a HIT WEEK.

During this HIT WEEK, all the new team members of that month get an intense training and learn about every single aspect of our business. This was important when Helloprint was just 10 people strong and is still important today at 200+ people. We do this in our offices in Rotterdam and Valencia, where we have a week full of training, team introductions, workout sessions, a city tour and finally an exam at the end of the week, which must be passed to receive your certificate and official Helloprinter status. No pressure then!

Helloprint Hit week

This introduction to our company and core values is very important to us, but it doesn’t stop there. This is really only the beginning. As an organisation you can only move forward if everyone in the company keeps moving forward and keeps designing themselves. This is why we offer in-house and external trainings. Anything from Dutch classes in our Rotterdam office and English classes in our Valencia office to communication trainings, feedback trainings and IT trainings. 

Our goal is to develop ourselves and our team to the next level. We want to become the best in the world in each of our specialised fields, and we only want to work with the best team mates in the world. This can only be done if everyone at Helloprint does the same. This means that anything is possible when it comes to designing yourself when it helps to move Helloprint towards it overall mission, making ordering print easy for everyone, everywhere.