How can you combine your print and digital marketing strategy?

Print and digital marketing are like two peas in a pod. They were made for each other. To have a cohesive marketing strategy that reaches out to many people, it’s important to spread your content to as many channels as possible.

An immersive marketing strategy, which combines many channels, will make you appear professional. Using print marketing will also bring your brand closer to the customers, since print is tangible.

There are many ways to compliment a digital marketing strategy with print. All you need to do is get creative. Here are some ideas to get you inspired:

Augmented reality

Augmented reality | How can you combine your print and digital marketing strategy?

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality is defined as technology, which alters your reality. In contrast to virtual reality, it doesn’t completely immerse you in an alternate reality, but it activates your senses, in order to add another layer to real-life experiences by including sounds, visuals, smells, etc.

How to use it in your marketing strategy?

A very effective way to combine print and digital marketing is by having a banner, poster or flyer come alive with an app. Especially if you have an e-commerce, augmented reality is a great option for you to bring customers into the online space.

You can create an amazing banner with a very catchy call-to-action that get people curious and persuades them to go online to see what will happen when they hover their phone over the banner. Surprise your customers with quality entertainment or useful information.

Pass the ball from print to digital

Pass the ball from print to digital | How can you combine your print and digital marketing strategy?

Create powerful calls to action and place them in your print promotional materials. Use persuasive and bold language to drive traffic from your print to your digital channels. In this way you could direct your customers looking at a poster to landing pages on your website.  

A couple tips for effective calls to action:

  • Use verbs. You have to promote action, if you want people to do something.
  • Use FOMO to your advantage. People really fear missing out on a fun activity, so if you tell them that they are left out of a trend, you might persuade them to join easily.
  • Provoke feelings. Make sure you use emotional language, in order to be more convincing.
  • Create curiosity. Leave customers wanting more.

QR codes

QR codes | How can you combine your print and digital marketing strategy?

Bring life to your posters and flyers by placing QR codes for the interested customers. People almost always have their phone at a hand’s reach, which means that they’re constantly ready to engage with your ad.

But just placing codes is not enough. Make sure that once customers land on a page, it is interesting for them. You have to provide value to the customer with new content that is relevant and engaging.

You don’t have to always lead customers to a content page, you can also use QR codes to direct them to a page, where they could purchase your product. For more control over the page you want the customer to land on, use dynamic QR codes, which allow you to make changes on the page, without changing the QR code on the print material.


Virality | How can you combine your print and digital marketing strategy?

Use striking imagery, which is so picture worthy that people love to take pictures of it and post it online. We are going to illustrate what we mean with an example. Check out the marketing campaign, promoting the latest Grinch movie. These funny billboards appeared all over and are so witty that people were thrilled to post them around social media.

Virality | How can you combine your print and digital marketing strategy?
Source: Boredpanda

Venue campaigns

Venue campaigns  | How can you combine your print and digital marketing strategy?

Create events for your customers or business partners. But not just your ordinary networking event, you have to make everything in your venue instagrammable. By subtly pushing your guests to post images on Instagram, you are providing your brand with great online exposure. But in order to provide such a venue, you have to invest in great print materials to create the atmosphere. Here are the best print products to get you on Instagram:

  • Huge striking banners, which guests could use for a background to photos
  • Panels with cutouts, which could be used as photo booth props.  
  • Signage that is bold and represents your brand
  • Cool chairs, which could be used in photos
  • Bean bags with your logo

Let your imagination loose and you will for sure manage to create a striking picture-worthy atmosphere.

For an optimized marketing strategy, there are no limits. The more creative, the better. Step outside the box and figure out the most inspiring way to engage with your customers. What are some great marketing campaigns you saw recently? Share them with us in the comments down below.