How Important is Signage on Vans and Shops?

How Important is Signage on Vans and Shops?

Have you ever looked at your shop and thought something is missing? It’s not sending the right message for what you are working so hard to build inside? The signage outside your shop is one of the first impressions that you set, and it is super important that it’s the message you want to send.

Would you ever hand out a blank business card? A blank shop is a huge missed opportunity, and not helpful when your customers are trying to find you. Likewise, with your vans and cars. It’s crazy to drive around with a plain white van all day when this can hands down be your most powerful moving advertisement!

Here’s why getting business signage can be so important in growing your business:

Catches Attention

catches attention

The first step in growing your business is getting people interested in your products and services. Well-designed signs are great at catching people’s attention. They have the ability to generate interest and convey important information. It also lets people know where you can be found.

Keep in mind your brand’s identity when creating your shop signage and van vinyl stickers. It’s important to catch attention, but you don’t want to create a design that isn’t in line with your brand.

Increases brand exposure

increase brand exposure

You want to be known by the people in your community. Signs are necessary for increasing brand exposure and recognition. They can show people who you are and what you do in the first five seconds of seeing it. When people are constantly exposed to your logo, colours, and images, they will be able to recognise your brand even from afar.

24/7 Advertising

24/7 advertising

Your signs are displayed outside your shop, place against the window, or on your vehicle, even after you’ve locked-up and gone home. This way your business has 24/7 continuous and prominent advertising every day for a year.

Business signage can be instrumental for your business’ growth in the short and long run. It’s a low-cost way to ensure your business is advertised, wherever you go, and wherever you trade 24/7.

Every journey that you take with an unbranded vehicle is less effective than it should be. Every day that you open to trade with your old shop signage not sending the right message is less effective than it should be. You can’t get back the time that is lost, but you can make that change today for a much more efficient future!