How Much Do Business Gifts Cost And Is It Worth It?

How Much Do Business Gifts Cost And Is It Worth It?

Business gifts are a win-win deal for both you and your customer. While you get to promote your business effortlessly, your customers, employees, and business partners will get practical gifts that make their lives easier.

Do business gifts work? Corporate gifts are actually a great marketing investment. Aside from being tokens of appreciation, they are also effective marketing tools.

Corporate gifts statistics show that people tend to keep corporate gifts for a long time, especially if they are useful items like custom towels, umbrellas, and caps. Every time they use these items, they are inconspicuously advertising your brand. Corporate gifts also create a favourable impression on the company and influence customer reciprocation. 

Now, how much do business gifts cost? Business gifts costs vary, depending on the printing method and kind of item you are giving. Some of these business gifts are cheaper than others, especially when you are buying them in bulk. Here are some of the most popular corporate ‘thank you’ gifts you can give away:

Anybody got a pen?

We have either heard or asked that question a million times. That’s why pens are great business gifts, everyone can use them, whether it’s for signing documents, jotting down notes, and creating quick sketches. They also provide subtle but continuous promotion every time they are used. You can get these cost-effective products for just £37 for 50 pieces.

Printed Lighters

Lighters are another simple but useful corporate gift that can be used to light stoves, candles, and grills. They are also child-safe and come in a variety of colours. Basic lighters will cost you only £61 for 50 pieces.

Printed Towels

Printed towels are cheap, practical business gifts, which can be used anywhere, whether they’re at home, at the beach, or at the gym. Printing your brand logo or pattern isn’t that expensive at only £130 for 50 pieces.

Personalised Cotton Bags

Give your customers a chance to carry their personal belongings with ease by using printed cotton bags as business gifts. Cotton bags are especially useful during trade shows, festivals, and other marketing events. Where people need something to carry all their stuff, as well as all the marketing materials gathered from the event. People think that printed cotton bags are expensive but, in reality, prices can be as low as £150 for 50 pieces.

Personalised Caps

Not only do custom caps provide protection from the sun, but they also provide cost-effective marketing. These branded caps provide mobile advertising for months for as low as £167 for 50 pieces. If you have an outdoor event in the summer, give out caps to your attendees, they are sure to appreciate it.

Branded Umbrellas

From sunny days to rainy days, you have your customers covered. Umbrellas can come in handy considering how fickle the weather can be. They also proudly display your company branding every time someone uses them on a sunny or rainy day. The cheapest umbrellas only cost around £168 for 50 pieces.

Giving out business gifts may be more expensive than other marketing strategies, but its effects on customers can last for months. Take advantage of this marketing strategy before your competitors do!