How Much Does Print Marketing Cost?

How Much Does Print Marketing Cost?

Using print to market your brand? Great! There’s a lot of value in using print marketing. Prints are cost-effective marketing tools, especially for local promotions. Customers also tend to have higher message recall for the content from print marketing. Print marketing also builds trust between your business and its customers faster, compared to other forms of marketing.

There are plenty of types of print advertisements you can use for your brand. Now, the important question is: how much does print marketing cost?

The cost of print marketing depends on many factors. Those factors include the type of print product, quantity, material, finish, and distribution. Though there are many factors to consider, the average cost of print marketing, however, is still relatively low. Below are some examples of cheap print marketing methods:

Flyer Marketing

Flyer Marketing | How Much Does Print Marketing Cost?

If you’re looking for really cheap and simple print marketing materials, go with flyers. The price of flyers varies according to size, thickness, finish, design, and quantity. In general, simple flyers only cost around £15 for 500 pieces. Depending on your distribution method, using flyer marketing may have an added cost. Using your own team and resources will certainly be cheaper than hiring an agency. 

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing

The average cost for direct mail marketing is around £900 or more. Direct Mailing is divided into three parts: data, material, and fulfilment.


Before sending out your print products to your target audience, you need a mailing list. You can either use a marketing agency that will help you buy data of quality potential customers for around £300 to £500, or you could use your own database at no cost.


The material part of direct mail marketing refers to the production of print materials such as flyers, brochures, or booklets. The costs mainly include designing and printing the products. You can either make your own designs or use your in-house marketing team at little to no cost, or hire a freelance graphic designer. All in all, your print marketing costs in this stage will be around £100.


Fulfilment refers to how your print marketing products will reach your target customers. It includes the cost of delivery, postage, etc. This is the most expensive part of direct mail marketing as it will be around £500.

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising | How Much Does Print Marketing Cost?

Outdoor or out-of-home advertisements are usually used to feature a business’ new products and services and to direct customers to your business. Some of the most popular outdoor prints include banners, signs, and panels, and flags.

Technology has made outdoor advertisements more affordable and faster to produce. However, the cost of ad space can sometimes increase the price of print marketing. Putting up your ads in high traffic areas increases brand awareness, but can be pricey. The good thing is that there is no need to pay for ad space, if you are advertising just outside your shop.

Price per product


Banners can have a huge impact. Printing small banners costs around £25. While large banners are around £110.


Draw attention and direct customers to your business by using flags. Flag costs depend on the size and type of flag used. The cheapest flags cost around £30.

Pavement Signs

Use pavement signs to catch the attention of passers-by. The price of a pavement sign can be as low as £65.

Panels and Signs

Another great way to entice people to come into your establishment is by using panels and signs. Prices for these materials depend on the size, shape, and material. Small panels using inexpensive materials cost around £12.


Posters are another cost-effective marketing tool for business. Ordering them in huge batches brings down your print marketing cost. Cheap online printers, for example, offer 100 posters for just £35.

The low marketing cost of print media can benefit everyone, especially small businesses. So if you’re looking for a place to get cheap print, head on over to and order now!