Outdoor Advertising – A Big Impact on a Little Budget

Outdoor Advertising – A Big Impact on a Little Budget

Many small businesses don’t have the budget for expensive marketing campaigns like large corporations do. Nevertheless, it is still possible to create a big impact even with a small budget by effectively using different types of low-cost advertising.

There are few limitations when it comes to outdoor advertising. This gives you the opportunity to be as creative as you like even within a small budget. It also provides 24/7 advertising opportunities for your business and can be reused time and time again.

There are multiple different kinds of outdoor marketing mediums you can use. They’re all effective in their own way, depending on your goals, purpose and most importantly the location. Here are some low-cost outdoor advertising products you can use for your business:


Posters are cheap and easy to produce and even easier to put up in public spaces. A huge pro of a poster is that you can put as many details as you like since posters are viewed at a close range. However, keep in mind that posters don’t last long-term since they’re mainly printed on paper.

Signs and Panels

A good sign not only attracts new customers but it also helps direct people to your place of business. Even if people don’t enter your store, they will at least remember who you are and where you can be found.

Custom Banners

You can hang your eye-catching banner outside of your business or any around the area where your target audience possibly passes by. Banners are also able to withstand harsh weather conditions since they’re made of sturdy material. This form of cheap advertising can be hung up 24/7 for 365 days in a year.

Flags and Beach Flags

Flags and beach flags are also always for brand building and brand visibility.  

They are made from sturdy material that can withstand any weather such as rain and strong winds. As they are usually seen from a distance, it’s best to keep the design as simple as possible. If you were to put text in your flag design, keep your text large and as short as possible. The more text you put on your flag, the less likely will it be understood from a distance.

Pavement Signs

Consider using pavement signs right outside your business. They’re a great way of showcasing your new product, service or promotion to people walking down the street. There is space to advertise on both sides so people walking up and down the streets can see your advertisement.

If you prefer something you can truly personalize daily, try using chalkboard pavement signs. Most restaurants use them to advertise the specials of the day.


Stickers aren’t usually the first thing in people’s minds when they think of outdoor marketing. Nevertheless, they are a flexible marketing tool that can be placed anywhere such as sidewalks, lamp posts, or even cars (make sure you get the owners permission first!)

The Key to turning your ads outdoors into low-cost, high impact campaigns is choosing the best locations with the most passing traffic turning the cost per “impression” or “view” of your banner or flag into a fraction of the cost of your average marketing channel.

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