How to be loud and proud about your new store opening – using print!

A fifty year anniversary is not something a lot of companies can say they have achieved. But.. Jan Willem, the proud owner of Hema Zaltbommel, was able to tell the story and celebrate it with a big bang. The store got refreshed and re-opened with a great event for all loyal customers. The promotion materials, delivered by Helloprint, created an amazing atmosphere and strong turnover that day. A great example of how proper usage of the right promotion material results in growth.


What is the way to get people’s attention in a busy shopping street? It is to place gigantic beach flags in front of your store combined with balloon pillars. Visibility is key here. People got curious to get into the store to see what was happening. Our chance to show the renewed store and make them part of our fifty years anniversary. That’s the easy part. Now onto creating the experience.


The entire team wore a festive t-shirt that day with the text “We’re back!”. Our team members were easy to recognise and it unlocked nice comments from visitors. Often the visitors were telling how beautiful the refreshed store had become and how neat the team was looking. The threshold to step towards a colleague was minimised which resulted in more visitors being helped to find their product.


The visitors of the refreshed store were invited to get involved in the fifty years anniversary by taking a picture with the selfie frame saying “Hi Mom! I’m at HEMA!”. The pictures were taken with an old-school polaroid camera. The visitors took the authentic picture with them to post it on social media. That day, over 134 posts were placed on social media with the pictures and #hemazaltbommel50.


The day of the fifty years anniversary was a hot day and so the visitors got themselves a free beach ball. Giving away this small gift resulted in a big smile on each face. Admit it… we all like to get stuff for free. The beach balls were fully present that day in swimming pools. Even weeks later, kids were still playing with that same ball.


When you think of HEMA, you think of the tompouce – a delicious Dutch pie. On the day of the anniversary, 250 people were surprised with a voucher printed on a business card to get a free tompouce. Nobody turns down a free tompouce! Therefore… you want more after you had one. The sales of tompouces grew by 44% that day. In the weeks after, were still buying more tompouces than before.

The fifty years anniversary was a great day, enjoyed by everyone. HEMA Zaltbommel is back on the map!
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