How To Best Distribute Your Flyers

How To Best Distribute Your Flyers

No matter how well-designed and well-written your flyer is, it is ineffective if you don’t get it to the right people. While good content and design is important in flyer campaigns, you also have to think about a good distribution strategy, which will enable you to reach your target audience much more efficiently.

As you formulate your distribution strategy, keep in mind:

  • What do you know about your target audience? Consider the best way to approach them with your flyers.
  • What is the best location? High traffic areas are great for passing out flyers. But make sure it’s a place where your target market frequents.
  • Check the weather. Flyers aren’t the most long-lasting marketing material. Make sure the weather is in your favour when handing them out.
  • Consider the timing. Think about the upcoming holidays or events and plan around them. It can either help or hinder your distribution operation.

Once you’ve considered those factors, you can choose how you will be giving out flyers. Here are some of the best flyer distribution methods you can use:


Person-to-Person | the best ways to distribute your flyers

Go with a person-to-person distribution method, if you want a proactive approach that produces high customer engagement. People have a hard time saying “No” to somebody handing out flyers, so this personal approach will help consumers better relate with your brand.

Quick tip: Train your distribution team to give a short sales pitch to passersby. To increase their legitimacy, dress them in branded uniforms.

Leave a Stack in High Traffic Areas

Leave a Stack in High Traffic Areas | the best ways to distribute your flyers

You can also just leave a rack or a stand of your flyers out in public. It is a less aggressive approach that relies more on design, content, and presentation. Even if there is a slight risk of damaging your flyers, leaving them in high traffic areas is sure to get them noticed.

Quick tip: Leave flyers in high-traffic waiting spots such as lounges, bus terminals, or train platforms. They will be great reading material for people waiting for transportation.


Business-to-Business | the best ways to distribute your flyers

Foster good relationships with local businesses, especially when their industry is relevant to yours. Make a deal that will benefit both of you. A simple arrangement is to display your flyers at their checkout counter and vice versa.

For example: Say your business involves renovating houses, perhaps you could leave your flyers at a hardware store or a furniture store.

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing | the best ways to distribute your flyers

For quick flyer delivery, mail your flyers to your customer’s address. Take advantage of your customer database, especially if it includes physical addresses. This strategy is great for promoting your business within and beyond your area.

Ways to go about it:

  • mail the flyers yourself
  • coordinate with a mailing house, specialized in flyer delivery
  • opt for an exclusive delivery or a shared plan (deliver your flyers with other companies’ leaflets)


Door-to-Door | the best ways to distribute your flyers

If you’re a local business looking to send out flyers within your community, door-to-door flyer distribution is the way to go. You can easily go around your neighbourhood and leave flyers at your target market’s doorstep or letterbox.

Though this method is very cheap, it takes a lot of time and manpower. It is also more fitting for local promotion as it would be difficult to cover a large area.

Multi Drop Distribution

Multi Drop Distribution | the best ways to distribute your flyers

Are you looking to target customers of a specific area? You can insert your flyer in a local magazine or newspaper and deliver it in a bundle with customer’s subscriptions. While this strategy could cost you a little bit more, it has proven effectiveness, since you are sure to reach the right people.

Perfect elevator pitch

Perfect elevator pitch | the best ways to distribute your flyers

What’s more boring than being in an elevator? Save people from boredom by providing them with your flyers. It might seem an unexpected choice for flyer distribution, but we are sure that it will help to get your flyers the attention they deserve. So next time, you’re in the elevator, make sure to leave a couple flyers.

Flyers are powerful marketing tools. Don’t let poor distribution get in the way of their potential. Consider the best way of sending out flyers the next time you use them to promote your brand!