How to Choose the Right Christmas Gifts to Fit Your Customer Base

How to Choose the Right Christmas Gifts to Fit Your Customer Base

We come bearing gifts! Everybody loves presents, especially during the holidays. Giving gifts is one of the best ways to strengthen your relationship with your customers. Not only does it show gratitude for their loyalty, but it also shows how much you value your relationship with them.

Gift Selection

To reap the benefits of gift-giving, you must choose the right gifts that appeal to your customer base. Here are some tips on choosing creative customer gifts for the holidays:

Rules and Regulations

How to Choose the Right Christmas Gifts to Fit Your Customer Base | Rules and Regulations

Check the rules and regulations your company has on corporate gift-giving. Most companies allow giving gifts to customers provided they follow guidelines, including the nature of the creative customer gifts and cost limits. Some companies prohibit giving gifts to customers but allow giving gifts to employees.

Make sure to check the company rules on the side of your intended recipients as well. See what kind of corporate, legal, or even cultural rules they follow. That way you can prevent gifts from being returned to your company.

Function and Form

How to Choose the Right Christmas Gifts to Fit Your Customer Base | Function and Form

Give gifts that add value to your customer’s lives. It is not enough for your creative customer gifts to be pleasing to the eyes. They must be useful for daily lives as well. You can make your customer’s day special when every time they use their gift.

Gifting Budget

How to Choose the Right Christmas Gifts to Fit Your Customer Base | Gifting Budget

Consider the marketing budget allocated for gifts for the holidays. Setting a budget prevents you from overspending or underspending and provides a clear sense of direction on your marketing goals.

While you want your gifts to be relatively inexpensive, it is crucial to get creative gifts of excellent quality. High-quality giveaways give the impression that you invest in quality products and services. 


How to Choose the Right Christmas Gifts to Fit Your Customer Base | Personalisation

Consider giving personalised gifts that are relevant to your branding but still cater to your customer’s preferences. Custom gifts are more meaningful and have a more personal touch. They make customers feel special during the holiday season. Even giving handwritten cards can make a long-lasting impression. 

Best customer Gifts for 2019 

To make ordering business gifts easier, here are some awesome personalised presents you can give your customers:

Who doesn’t love a hot drink on a cold day? 

Printed travel mugs or thermos bottles are a marvellous gift idea for your customers this holiday season. This custom drinkware maintains the temperature of their hot or cold beverages throughout the day. They guarantee that your customer’s hot chocolate stay warm during their holiday trips.

Together throughout the year

Printed calendars are one of the best customer gifts for 2019. Not only do they help track important events, meetings, and occasions, but they also make an attractive decoration for your customer’s homes or offices. An added benefit is that they can be reminded of your brand throughout the entire year. How is that for an impressive impact. 

Only positive energy

Taking holiday photos, streaming Christmas music, and video chatting with loved ones abroad can quickly drain your phone’s battery during the holidays. Give your customers portable power banks to charge their mobile devices on-the-go. They’ll be grateful every time they see the dreaded 5% battery left notification.

Music to my ears…

Don’t underestimate the power of a good pair of headphones as personalised gifts for customers. Most people like listening to holiday music as a way to relax and get into the Christmas spirit. Customers can use these gifts even after the holidays to listen to music, audiobooks, and podcasts during their daily commute or their break time.

Take note

Another great gift idea for Christmas is custom notebooks and diaries. Customers can use them in the New Year for taking notes, jotting personal thoughts, and sketching. Personalise these notebooks and journals by printing them in your company colours or leaving a personal, handwritten note on the first page.

Make your customers happy this Christmas season by choosing the right creative customer gifts. Now that you know how to pick the appropriate business gifts, you can now select presents that add value to your customers’ lives.