How to Choose the Right Eco-Flyer Material

How to Choose the Right Eco-Flyer Material

It’s time to go green! Take the initiative to make changes into your business practice to help reduce the damage to the environment. Though transitioning to a more sustainable business takes time, there are simple ways you can start.

You can begin your road to sustainability by using eco-flyers. They create stunning flyers, even when using sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials. Here are the different eco-flyer materials and when to use them:

White Recycled

White Recycled Recystar Nature eco-flyers are just like regular flyer paper with a few key differences. This eco-flyer material is a natural white, uncoated paper made from 100% recyclable fibres. You can use different printing techniques, such as offset, UV, and screen printing, to print your flyer design on the page.

This eco-flyer material is a greyish-white colour, making it the perfect recyclable material for all businesses.

Bio Top Paper

Bio Top eco-flyers are recyclable flyers made through a totally chlorine-free (TCF) bleached process that has no optical brightening agents. This process leaves the paper with an off-white colour and a natural, uncoated texture. It is pleasant to the touch and comfortable for reading.

This eco-flyer material is versatile and can meet the highest printing requirements. You can use this paper in laser, inkjet, offset, and other printing techniques.

When using this paper, however, you must remember the white spaces in your flyer design will appear off-white when printed on the page.

Kraft Paper

Are you looking for a more natural look with your eco-flyers? Go with Kraft Brown eco-flyers. This eco-flyer material has minimal to no dyes and other chemicals and is 15% recycled paper pulp. The paper’s production process leaves the finished product in its natural brown colour. It is also 100% biodegradable and recyclable, making it one of the most environmentally-friendly eco-flyer materials available.

The brown, uncoated texture of Kraft Paper gives your flyers a vintage appearance. Many green and artisanal businesses use this eco-flyer material to give their promotions a more rustic or natural look and feel.

Similar to how designs look on Bio Top flyer paper, the white spaces in your flyer design will appear brown on Kraft Paper. Light colours like yellow and peach will appear faded on the page. Meanwhile, deeper colours like brown, blue, and green will make these hues darker.

Using eco-flyers is a simple but big step towards the path of sustainability. Now that you know the different eco-flyer materials and how to use them, you can confidently produce stunning yet eco-friendly promotions for your brand!