How To Create a Catchy Flyer. 5 Things To Do & 5 To Avoid

How To Create a Catchy Flyer. 5 Things To Do & 5 To Avoid

Do you also find that you receive many ads through your letterbox that simply do not attract your attention? Or, you’re walking down the street and meet the gaze of a campaigner, who with a great smile tries to distribute flyers, but after a quick glance you decide they do not deserve your attention and side step out of the way to avoid them?

So how do we capture the interest of our target audience, make them curious and push them to read? Let’s see some essential tips to attract customers’ attention to your advertising flyers!

5 Secrets to creating irresistible flyers

5 Secrets to creating irresistible flyers

We find today numerous tools to create designs, including our very own online design tool. Promotional campaigns with flyers can be massively effective when done in the right way, but how do you make that happen? And what is the secret to create an irresistible advertising flyer?

1. Know your target

Know who you are targeting and what your goal is with this campaign. Before you even write the content of your flyers, it’s good to think about who they are intended for. Perform research to understand your target – it is essential to create the right graphics and to decide how and where to distribute your flyers.

2. Structure

An advertising leaflet must be well structured to be effective. Choose a strong title (see next point), think about the message you want to communicate and focus on that. Choose a clear and explanatory image, it is the first thing that attracts attention and will probably be the deciding factor between having the flyer read or not. Don’t forget your call to action: after reading your flyer, what should the customer do?

3. Title: Short, clearly visible, centred

In general it should not be longer than 5 words, 3 is ideal. Choose a larger font than the surrounding text, as a rule the title must be seen at a distance of 2-3 meters. Centralised text, is the first thing you notice. You can then think of a title that is an offer, customers are interested in something that improves their condition, which solves their problem, let them know already in the title what is in the content of the rest of the flyer!

4. Message

Involve the customer and make the message as personal as possible. Make the reader feel that the flyer was written especially for them. Try to be brief, don’t overdo the text, less is more, a few lines that explain who you are, what you do and what you offer.

5. Size matters!

A5 flyers are the most common, but not the only sizes available. Think about what could be more attractive to your customers, maybe, A6 or DL, or A4, easier to notice but definitely less practical than an A7, which fits comfortably in a wallet or purse. These are all details to consider, a promotion is effective if tailored to the target.

5 mistakes to avoid when creating your flyers

5 mistakes to avoid when creating your flyers

Do you feel lost when the time comes to sit down and design a flyer that can really make a difference to your business? There are many ways to create something really interesting, but also some mistakes that can compromise an effective design.

1. Too much information

It is important to give your customers relevant information, which is why writing something just to fill in the space will not lead to any results! Write a clear title and explain, in the fewest possible words, what you offer and why they should choose you instead of your competition. You don’t need to tell a story, few important details are all that the customer wants to read.

2. No call to action

Advertisements often give too much information but forget the call to action. What do you want the reader to do after reading your flyer? Should they register on your site, visit the page accessible via QR code, come and visit you in the store? Try to include a clear and persuasive call to action.

3. Characters too small

You probably won’t get the attention of someone if they can’t even read what you’ve written. Many times, this prevents the reader from finding information that might be extremely important to him. Try to write the most important information in larger characters and make sure there is a high contrast between the text and the background.

4. Too much colour

Usually, it is said that colour attracts attention, and that is indeed true. However, use colour sensibly. Colour can be confusing, especially if used in the text, always try to keep this as neutral as possible. To get a perfect result, use complementary colours, even better if they highlight your logo. It will serve to reinforce your brand. In general when printing flyers, never use more than two colours for the text and use a different shade for the title or to highlight particular sections of text.

5. Photos not of quality

To create perfect online flyers, it is essential to check the resolution of your photos. Zoom into 300% at the printable size to get an idea of the quality you should expect when printed. If you use blurry or grainy images on your flyers, you will also communicate low quality and standards when you distribute flyers. In general, avoid copying images from websites, they are usually compressed and of low quality. Try to take photos from a stock database or use the most beautiful ones of your own!Well, now you really have a perfect flyer! It’s time to choose the perfect paper type and get them printed! Ready to get started? print now!