How to Design Flyers for Free

Many businesses use flyers to promote their business, however, not everyone has the skills or the tools to create their own amazing flyer. You can hire someone else to do it, but it’s still going to cost you time and money. Buying your own design software is tempting, but it’s expensive and time-consuming to learn how to use it properly.

Instead of spending hundreds on design software or graphic designers, there are several ways you can make your own business flyers for free. Here are some of those options:

Free Flyer Making Apps

If you have a smartphone, there are free apps that can help you create your own flyer design. This is perfect for people who want to create simple flyer designs on the go. Like online flyer makers, there are also free flyer templates you can use. Just watch out, there may be some templates and graphics which may require payment.

Simply go to the app store on your phone and search for free flyer templates, many of these contain just the right tools for you to create a basic flyer.

Online Free Template

Try using our free online design tool to create your own flyer design. This is great for people who want a simple and beautiful flyer but don’t know how to create one from scratch. It’s free and easy to use for people of all skill levels.

Online leaflet makers have hundreds of free leaflet templates ready for you to customise to your own liking. There are even templates specifically created for certain industries such as agriculture, fashion, and health among others. Some designs already come in different sizes as well to make it as easy and quick as possible for you to design your very own flyers.

Different fonts, graphics, and stock photos are available to use, and just like the templates, they’re also free. When you’re done customising, you can choose your printing preferences such as the thickness of the flyer paper and the finish and that is all there is to it – now you’re ready to print!

Microsoft Word

If you don’t want to use an online flyer maker or a free design software program, Microsoft Word is also an option. It’s accessible and already installed in most computers.

Though many people think it’s more suited for word-processing, Microsoft Word has almost all the tools you need to create a flyer. There are even free flyer templates you can use, though the selection isn’t as many as a dedicated flyer design tool. If you’re using an Apple computer, the Mac alternative to Microsoft Word is the program Pages.

Once you are done, export your file as a PDF and you’re ready to go.
We are here to help you every step of the way and make ordering your print easy and hassle-free! Ready to go? Start designing your flyers now for free!