How to Design Greeting Cards for Every Occasion

How to Design Greeting Cards for Every Occasion

Postcards and greeting cards are available in all shapes and sizes and for different occasions. They are the perfect opportunity to share how you feel through words, especially if you can’t be there to celebrate with the recipient on their special day.

But while they all look different at first glance, there are some similarities when it comes to designing a great greeting card. Below you can find some tips on how to design your own greeting cards for every occasion:

More Than Words

Though typography itself already creates an impact, adding a striking image can take your postcard design to a whole new level. Use high-quality images relevant to your message and purpose. A stunning visual will catch the recipients attention and will make them want to put it on display.

Top tip: make sure to use high-resolution images for your photo design. Crisp and clear photos, illustrations, or graphics make your greeting cards stand out and extra special.

You can even use your own captured images for personalised and special greeting cards. You can use design programs like Photoshop or InDesign, and there are even sites like Canva that have free tools for you to use.

What About Hue?

Colour plays a huge role in portraying your greeting card’s message and catching attention.

So why not choose colours that help communicate your message? One way to do this is to use an eye-catching shade for your headline to grab the recipient’s interest.

They should have a cohesive feel with the rest of your marketing materials, even if it is from a different campaign, so try to stick to your brand’s colours.

Paper Please

A big part of greeting cards is the feel of it. The paper you use can make an immense difference in the experience of the recipient.

Use high-quality paper to print on your designs. Thick and heavy paper with an exclusive finish can give a professional and luxurious feel to your postcard design. They are also stronger, more durable, and less prone to wrinkling than ordinary paper.

Short and Sweet

Whether you want to include a message in your design or want to write it in later, it’s important to keep your messages short and straightforward. You’ll most likely have limited space, so bringing your point across in little words is essential.

Not sure what to write? Below you can find example sentences to help you with what to write in greeting cards for different occasions. You can use these on their own or you can write more around them, based on your personal preferences.


  • Best wishes on your wedding day!
  • Congratulations! Wishing you a happy marriage.
  • May your days be filled with love and happiness, congratulations on your marriage.

Birth announcements:

  • Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby!
  • Congratulations! Say goodbye to sleep.
  • Congratulations on your little one! Wishing you a lot of happiness and joy.


  • Happy Birthday! 
  • Thinking of you on your special day.
  • Hope today is filled with all your favourite things! 

Holiday cards:

Final thoughts

Every greeting card is different, depending on the occasion, the people, and the relationship you have with them. So why not be creative and design your own greeting cards for that personal touch and remind your customer or loved one that you are thinking of them.

Now that you know how to design your own greeting cards for any occasion, you can go ahead and order them quick and easy here. Feeling inspired? Comment below!

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