How To Design The Perfect Personalised Card

How To Design The Perfect Personalised Card

Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings – cards are a welcome and expected gift for almost every occasion. Personalised cards are not only fun to receive, but they also show how creative your company is and how much you care about your customers.

Sharing good news and thoughtful thank-yous has never been easier with Helloprint X Canva. We’ve partnered with Canva, an online design platform that helps small and medium-sized businesses bring their visions to life. Follow our simple steps, and you’ll feel like an expert designer in no time!

  • Click Design with Canva
  • Choose your product like, Greeting cards, Postcards, Invitations
  • Select the card’s size
  • Upload a personal design or choose from one of our templates
  • Let your imagination run wild designing your card
  • Click Finish Designing
  • Have your artwork checked before printing
  • Finalise your card
  • Add the product to the basket and receive your order within days!

Style Cards Your Way

First things first, which style best represents/conveys your message? Do you want to come across as creative, bold, subtle, or niche in your approach? The possibilities are endless! The most important thing to ensure when deciding on the style of your card is to let your personality shine through.

Choose the Right Pictures for Your Card

The pictures you decide to include for your card will depend on the style that you have chosen. If you want to portray your brand as energetic and fun, including a playful illustration or graphic is a great way to show it! Perhaps you’d like to stick to your brand’s image by including photos that showcase your work? Whatever road you choose, you may rest assured that the images on your cards will faithfully represent it.

Tip from Our Design Experts:  “Whenever we start designing printed cards, we always start with the images. We then use these images as a base for the texts.” Your image will capture the eye of the buyer before the text, so make it stand out!

Make Your Text Stand Out

Personalised cards are ageless, but why not take it up a notch and add a more personal touch to make your cards even more memorable? We suggest thinking carefully about who will be receiving your cards and how you would best like to thank them.

Tip from Our Design Experts: “We like to find symmetry between the images and text in all designs. For example, if we notice that a lot of the elements are on the right side of a page, we then try to put the text on the left side to make it more balanced and visually appealing.” 

Give It Some Colour

The colour you choose for your card depends on what message you want to convey. You may want to stick to traditional colours depending on the season or simply use the colours that are most associated with your brand. 

Tip from our Design Experts: “When choosing your colour combination, it’s best to stick between one and four colours.” Another great aspect of Canva is that you can play around with many different colours to find out what’s best for you!

Font Styles That Convince Your Customers

The style of font you choose can have a big impact! Our most common fonts used for cards are Ariel, Helvetica and Futura. These fonts are super clean, making your words easily readable. If you want to really stand out, why not think outside the box and try something a little bit different to really capture your client’s attention?

To sum up

Customised cards are a brilliant way to show your customers just how much you care. You can be sure that your brand will not be forgotten anytime soon when you take the time to create and send out your own masterpiece! Create your own one-of-a-kind card to brighten your client’s day today!

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