How to Design Your Own Roller Banner

How to Design Your Own Roller Banner

An effective roll-up banner is a well-designed banner! Roll-up banners are a staple marketing material for business events, such as trade shows and conventions. They catch people’s attention and prominently display your brand’s message to existing and potential clients.

Designing your own banner is easy once you get the hang of it. Below is a quick guide on how to create your own roll-up banner:

Back to Basics

The first step in creating your roller banners is the setting up your design file correctly. Proper file set-up ensures quality roller banner designs every time.

01 The Dimensions

The first thing you need to do is to choose a banner that fits your business’ advertising needs. Input the exact roller banner dimensions of your chosen banner. Don’t worry about the initially large file size. You can bring it down by lowering the file resolution later.

02 The Resolution

The standard image resolution for roller banners is 150 dpi. People usually look at banners from a slight distance, so a higher resolution is not necessary. An added benefit is that reducing the image resolution makes it easier for your computer to process your file.

03 The Colours

All print products require you use the CMYK colour mode. Using CMYK gives you a better idea of how the colours of your roller-up banner design will look when printed.

04 The Bleed

The bleed is a vital component of your design file. It prevents thin white lines from appearing if the cutting machine goes beyond the cutting line. Create a bleed of 5 mm all around your banner design.

05 The Margin

Margins are guides that prevent vital information from being cut if the cutting machine cuts within the cutting line. The margins for a pop-up banner design are much different compared to regular banners. You have to take into account how the banner rolls in and out of its base. The standard margins for a roller banner are 10 mm at the top, 150 mm for the bottom, and 4 mm for the left and right side.

Designing Roller Banners

Designing Roller Banners

Are you having doubts starting your roller banner design? Here are some simple but effective roller banner design tips that can help you create the best banners.

01 Logo Up Top

People usually look at roll-up banners from top to bottom. Maximise brand exposure by placing your brand logo at the top of your banner for everyone to see. 

02 Flow of Information

People tend to read from top to bottom. Keep this in mind when laying down the information and elements of your design.

03 Suitable Colours

Use colours that complement your branding. While you should have an eye-catching design, colours should also aid in delivering your brand message. Different colours can express different ideas to the viewer. You should keep colour psychology in mind when designing your roller banner. 

04 It’s All Relevant

You don’t need to list every single business detail in your roll-up banner design. Include only the essential information about your brand: who you are, what you do, and what you offer. Everything that potential customers need to know. You can give customers more information from your booklet catalogues and brochures.

05 Quality Images

Use high-quality photos, graphics, and illustrations for your roller banner designs. Quality graphics give customers the impression that you are a professional and legitimate business.

06 Promotions Unite

Make sure that your pop-up banner design is consistent and cohesive with the rest of your branding materials. It helps customers identify and associate your marketing materials with your brand.

07 Read It

The right font can help emphasise your brand message to potential customers. Some fonts can appear as friendly, professional, or casual. Clear and legible fonts in 72 pt font size or bigger make it easier for people to read and understand the information presented.

08 Get Creative

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different designs. Exploring different styles, fonts, and colours can result in a stunning roll-up banner design. However, make sure to test and improve your promotions to ensure effectiveness.

Your File Is Saved

Your File Is Saved

Once you are satisfied with your design, it’s time to save your work. As much as possible, save or export your design file in a PDF file format. It is a universal file format that is accepted by all printers. A PDF format preserves the fonts, images, graphics, layouts, and colours of any design.

Other acceptable file formats are JPG, PNG, and TIFF.

A beautiful roller banner design can take your marketing game to the next level. Now that you know how to design your own banners, you can now create stunning promotions every time!