How To Easily Remove Stickers

How To Easily Remove Stickers

We know that Printed Stickers are a cost-effective way to advertise your brand or business, but we also know that they may not be needed on a surface permanently. Simple to apply but sometimes tough to remove, we’re here to make sure that you don’t get stuck with your stickers! Check out our tips & tricks below to ensure that your stickers can be easily removed.

Are stickers easy to remove?

The ease of removing a sticker or a label is dependent on a number of factors. Such as the type and material of the sticker, the size, and the surface it’s been stuck to. For example, Street Stickers have a durability time frame of 3 months when placed outside on the street. Whereas our Vegan Stickers, are a lot less durable and are recommended to only be used on dry, dust, and grease free surfaces. Which one will be easier to remove? We think you can already guess the answer! As a general rule, we suggest starting at a corner of the sticker and gently peeling from there. It can also be helpful to use a cloth soaked in water to loosen the material. Removal time varies depending on the adhesion power of the residue, but you should be able to wipe away any additional residue left behind with a dry cloth and some acetone or dish soap. Now let’s go into the specifics and see how to remove stickers from different surfaces, such as wood, cars and walls.

How to remove stickers from glass?

Personalised stickers are a great way to advertise your brand and catch the attention of potential clients, especially on shop windows! But when it is time to remove them you probably start wondering how to keep your windows residue free. Luckily we’ve got you covered on this one. As you already know, our Window Stickers are durable and long-lasting, in addition to that they are also super easy to remove, so no need to worry when you want to swap your sticker out for a new one! We suggest using a cloth with water to loosen the adhesive and gently lift the edge of the sticker off the glass. If it’s stubborn, try using a suitable glass cleaning product.

Tip: Window stickers are also great if you want something that is more resistant to UV rays over a longer period of time. Make sure your design catches the sun and shines out to your customers!

How to remove stickers from metal?

Stickers often end up on fridges or laptops, as they brighten these metal surfaces up and are a super effective marketing tool. Laptop Stickers are small-format decals which are removable for up to 6 months, so if you’d like to remove the stickers and change them, make sure you remove them before those 6 months are up! In order to remove stickers from metal, all you need is some water, vegetable oil, and a cloth. We recommend applying some warm water to the area firstly and gently attempting to peel the label off. If the sticker is stubborn, you can rely on vegetable oil. Simply apply the oil and leave to sit for a few minutes, and when you come back it should peel right off the surface. Wipe clean with a paper towel and job done!

How to remove stickers from walls?

In order to remove personalised labels or stickers from a painted wall, make sure you take your time so as not to pull off any paint with the adhesive. Get yourself prepared with some warm water and dishwashing products. Dampen a cloth or sponge and slowly apply to the edges of the sticker to coax the edges away from the wall. You can also place a flat object under the label to help remove it fully. Make sure not to rub too hard as this can result in the paint coming away from the wall. Once the sticker has been fully removed, do a final once over the spot in which the label was stuck to avoid any leftover adhesive still stuck on the wall. Swapping your old sticker for a new one? Personalise your new Wall Stickers and order today!

How to remove stickers from cars?

Our Car stickers are made from a long-lasting, durable, polymer material that can be applied to both flat and curved surfaces. Therefore, to ensure no damage is caused to the car’s body, we recommend following these simple steps. Firstly, clean any surface dirt from the sticker and around the area where it’s stuck with suitable soap and water. Next, use a hairdryer (with caution) to persuade the adhesion to loosen. The edges and corners should begin to curl away from the surface. Lastly, use a scraping tool, such as a plastic card, to gently peel the sticker off. Any residue that may be left behind can be removed with a simple soap and water solution.

How to remove stickers from furniture?


Both kids and adults love stickers. Therefore, as a parent or a bar owner, you know from experience that those cute labels can end up anywhere, including your favourite furniture. If it happens, furniture polish that’s suitable for wood is the way to go! Spray some polish on a clean cloth or cotton buds and gently rub. The sticker will loosen enough to be pulled off and if there is any residue you can spray some more polish on it and wipe the surface clean with a cloth or paper towel.

Laminate furniture

When it comes to removing stickers from laminate furniture, such as laminate wood, it can be done by soaking a cloth in white vinegar. Once the cloth has absorbed the vinegar, place it over the sticker and let it sit for a few minutes. Gently, with your hand or with a flat object, peel the sticker off the surface. If there is any residue, it’s best to wipe down the surface with polish suitable for laminate furniture.

Tip: If you’re looking for a scratch-resistant and durable sticker, look no further than our custom Floor Stickers! With an expected lifetime of 3 months, these stickers are perfect for promotional advertising and events.

Get sticking!

Before ordering your stickers, be sure to read the product description, specifications, and FAQs to ensure you order the right ones for your surface. Create brand visibility and engage your clients through original sticker advertising. Custom size and for any surface, personalise your eye-catching stickers and reap the benefits! Now that you’ve successfully removed your sticker, are you ready to order your next batch?