How to get creative with personalised stickers [explained in one minute]

“Everything is going to be ok, I have a laptop sticker that says that, so it’s true.” – Sharon Van Etten

Laptop stickers can really put you in a better mood everyday when you open your laptop, but stickers can do so much more. They are a bit underestimated, considering the impact they can make. You can put them on all your things to personalize them, on your laptop, notebook, phone case, literally anything. You can put a funny sticker, a monogram of your name, your name, your kid’s name, things you like, or quotes that motivate you. 

However, besider for personal use, stickers are actually a tool for creative marketing. More often, businesses use them for products, packaging and any marketing materials, but we are going to give you a couple pointers on how to be creative with your stickers:

1. Wide reach 

Stickers can have a huge effect on increasing brand awareness, due to the fact that they have a very wide reach. You can stick them anywhere and they stay there for a while, especially if they are quality stickers. This means that with one sticker, you can reach many people, lowering the cost of the impact. 

You can simply carry a bunch of stickers everywhere you go and give them out to people, give them to your friends and acquaintances, stick them on various places. It’s like a miniature print ad. 

2. Unexpected locations

Stickers can be stuck anywhere and the crazier the location, the higher the impact. You can put them on the ground, on cars, etc. Depending on the type of sticker, you have millions of options. 

3. Customisation

You can be an ambassador of your own brand by personalizing all of your belongings. Put some branded stickers on your laptop, on your phone, maybe on your notebooks. Another great idea is to gift stickers to your customers. It’s a small gift, but very cool. Just make sure to create designs that are more than your logo and would persuade people to actually decorate something with the sticker. 

Stickers can do wonders for your business, if you think outside the box. Good luck with designing your own!