How to Get Creative with Personalised Stickers [explained in two minutes]

How to Get Creative with Personalised Stickers [explained in two minutes]

“Everything is going to be ok, I have a laptop sticker that says that, so it’s true.” – Sharon Van Etten

Customised Stickers can make a big impact. You can put them on all your things to personalise them. From a funny meme, a monogram of your name, or a quote that motivates you, the right sticker can really set the tone for your day and reflect who you are to the world.

However, many underestimate the potential of stickers as a tool for creative marketing. Businesses use them for products, packaging and many marketing materials but since we feel that stickers could be used more, here are our top tips on how to stick in a customer’s mind:

1. Wide reach 

Stickers can have a huge effect on increasing brand awareness as they can have a very wide reach. You can stick them anywhere and they stay there for a while, especially if they are quality stickers made with a purpose in mind. This means that with one sticker, you can reach many people at a lower cost than traditional promotional products.

Simply carry a bunch of stickers on the go and give them out to people, or just to your friends and customers to market your business for you. It’s a small gift, but a very cool and simple way to maximise your marketing.

2. Unexpected locations

Stickers can be stuck anywhere and the crazier the location, the higher the impact, especially when you combine it with a social media campaign. You can stick them to the ground, walls and windows. Why not encourage your customers to get creative too, or hunt for your stickers around the local area? We recommend choosing the sticker’s material with the purpose in mind, so you can be just as creative both inside, and outside!

3. Customisation

Be an ambassador of your own brand by adding an extra special touch to all of your belongings. Just add some branded stickers to your laptop and phone, or even on your stationery and notebooks to grab potential customer’s attention.

Stick in your customer’s mind

Stickers can do wonders for your business. So now it’s time for you to start thinking outside the box, and you’ll soon be creating a miniature print ad, wherever you go. Good luck with designing your own eye-catching sticker, and if you’re feeling inspired, comment below!