How to Get Prepared for the Upcoming Fair

How to Get Prepared for the Upcoming Fair

So you desperately want to attend the upcoming trade fair, but have no idea where to start your preparation? Completely understandable, planning for trade fairs can take a lot of time, effort, organization, and creativity. There are also a lot of things that need to be done before the actual event.

But fear not, we came up with a step-by-step guide to make fair preparation easier:

1. Search for relevant trade shows

1. Search for relevant trade shows | How to Get Prepared for the Upcoming Fair

Every industry has at least one trade fair once a year. If you’re planning to join one, make sure it’s relevant to your business.

Once you decide to join a trade fair, prepare everything in advance.  Early trade show preparation shows professionalism and that you care about the people involved. Inform all relevant departments and personnel in your company so that they can adjust accordingly. You can avoid last-minute surprises with a clearly formulated plan, that’s why we recommend scheduling everything with your team as early as possible.

2. Set up your budget

2. Set up your budget | How to Get Prepared for the Upcoming Fair

Let’s start preparing! The first important step is setting up a budget. This ensures that you have the right amount of money for all your exhibition materials for the fair. Though it’s important to spend as little money as possible, you should invest in creating a good experience for your booth visitors.

3. Early bird gets the worm

3. Early bird gets the worm | How to Get Prepared for the Upcoming Fair

Trade shows normally open up registration for months up to a year in advance. It is important to register early to increase your chances of securing a good spot in the venue.

If the trade show is happening in another city or region, it’s important that you get your travel and hotel accommodations in order as well. The earlier you book your flights and hotel reservations, the less expensive it will be.

4. Get the word out

4. Get the word out | How to Get Prepared for the Upcoming Fair

Take advantage of your company website and online channels to tell people you’ll be at a trade fair. You can also email everybody in your subscription list to let them know about it. If the trade show is in your area, print out some flyers and hand them out to people.

5. Plan and design

5. Plan and design | How to Get Prepared for the Upcoming Fair

Before you start planning and designing your exhibit, take a look back at past trade shows you’ve been in. If it’s your first time exhibiting, explore your competitor’s past exhibits. See what worked, and what didn’t. Use that information to improve your exhibit and to gain an advantage over your competitors.

Make sure you know what’s allowed or not allowed in the fair by reading through the rules and regulations for the event.

Once you’ve conducted your research and settled on your approach, it’s time to plan what to do for your stand. Discuss different ideas and strategies with your team. Figure out what to include in your exhibit and who will design the needed materials. Don’t forget about the logistics of it all! Assign the people who will manage the booth. This is a time for you and your team to think outside the box and come up with exciting ideas for the exhibition.

6. Get organized

6. Get organized | How to Get Prepared for the Upcoming Fair

Once you’ve figured all the ins and outs of your exhibit, it’s time to prepare and order all the things you need for the booth in advance. To make sure you haven’t forgotten anything, have a fair checklist and project timeline to be sure that everything will get done in time.

Checklist to success:

  • Order exhibition panels and walls as soon as your design is ready  
  • Have all your promotional material on hand, this includes business cards, brochures and catalogues, which go hand in hand with holders
  • Make sure your equipment is in working order (especially if you’re planning to do a demo)
  • Have the samples of your product freshly made

7. Go, go, team!

7. Go, go, team! | How to Get Prepared for the Upcoming Fair

Next step in the trade show preparation is assembling your trade show dream team. Choose people who can represent the company well. Set out together exhibition goals, trade show rules, and other necessary information. Train them on what they need to do, what they need to know, and how to handle certain situations that may happen.

If the budget allows, create name badges for them, or better yet, branded uniforms.

8. Chat with the fair organizers

8. Chat with the fair organizers | How to Get Prepared for the Upcoming Fair

Contact the trade fair organizers, if you have any questions about the exhibit space or technical requests such as availability of power sockets. Also, If there are any sudden changes for the event, you’ll be able to find out right away and make adjustments.

Now that you have down the basics of exhibition planning, you can make your trade fair experience run smoothly and enjoy it!