How To Grow Your Brand Using Print

“Meat Dave”. Dave is super passionate about tasty food and barbecues. Three times a week he creates wonderful dishes with meat, fish or veggies. Everything he creates, he posts on social media under his brand “GETFER, so tasty!”. What started as a joke, is now getting more and more serious. Check out how Helloprint makes Dave’s hobby even more fun.

A hobby is something you have fun doing. Whether it is barbecuing, volleyball or playing the drums, it’s pure passion. Printed products can give your hobby even more colour. Read how Dave does it.


When Dave is hosting a barbecue, he is always wearing his branded t-shirt. He chose a black shirt as he works with coals and most of the time is in the sun. The shirts at Helloprint are a good quality and slim fit. The logo stays in good condition after a few washes and is still as soft as new.


What are we eating today? When Dave is firing up the barbecue this is always the first question. The smell of a barbecue is mouthwatering. Dave always creates a small menu card to make his friends feel like they are in a real restaurant. Each menu card is kept in a folder and displayed on a poster in view of his customers.


Dave’s signature-dish is a hamburger. A signature-dish needs to be presented accordingly, in a good looking hamburger box finished with the branded sticker of GETFER. Dave has chosen stickers on roll, but you can also order standard stickers.


To give the party finishing touches, Dave keeps a beach flag next to his barbecue. Not only does it bring the right atmosphere, but, it also comes in handy for the neighbours. This is because a beach flag with a logo on it is a perfect way to communicate that what smells so good is also on sale.

Affordability, selection and ease is what we strive to offer our customers at Helloprint. And in Daves case, increasing his visibility was the goal which was well accomplished here. Dave was able to change his backyard into a restaurant for only £100.