How To Know What Banner Material is Best to Use When?

How To Know What Banner Material is Best to Use When?

In need of a quality banner? We know you have an amazing design planned. But what is just as important as the design is getting the right kind of material. It not only improves the overall look of your banner printing, but also its functionality. Some materials are great for indoor banners while others are good for the outdoors. We’ll guide you through it!

Find out the different banner material types and when to use them:

Budget PVC

Budget PVC | What Banner Material Is Best to Use When?

Choose a Budget PVC banner as your banner material, if you’ve got a one-time event coming up. It’s cheap, but sturdy enough for single-use. It has a pretty thin fabric at 440 gsm (grams per square meter). Though it is inexpensive and quite thin, it can be reused, since it’s also wind-permeable, and fire retardant. Use this material when you want a simple banner to celebrate a birthday, graduation, and other festivities.

Standard Banner

Standard Banner | What Banner Material Is Best to Use When?

If you’re looking for something sturdier, but still affordable, go for the standard banner. The 510 gsm PVC is the standard material for most banner printing. You get the best of both worlds with it. It is thin enough that it won’t be hard to carry around and put up, but thick enough that it can be used for both indoors and outdoors. Like the Budget PVC banner, it is reusable, wind-permeable, and fire retardant. It is the perfect multipurpose banner. Use it for your next trade fair and then put it up outside your office.

Wind-Proof Banner

Wind-Proof Banner | What Banner Material Is Best to Use When?

Do not fear the wind! We will make sure that your banner is not blown away. An old fashioned technique of wind-proofing PVC banners entails cutting small slits where the wind can pass through. However, these small slits lower the appeal of the design and its durability.

Luckily, through the magic of science and technology, later on, the perforated mesh fabric was created. This mesh banner material already has small holes where some of the wind can easily pass through. No longer will you have to cut slits into your banners.

It is a cost-effective and practical choice to get a mesh banner. Wind-proof banner printing is perfect for businesses who need permanent outdoor advertising. Aside from being wind-permeable, it is reusable and fire retardant as well.

Double-Sided Banner

Double-Sided Banner | What Banner Material Is Best to Use When?

Looking for heavy-duty banner material for continuous brand promotion? Go with the double-sided banner, one of the thickest banner materials on the market. It’s 610 gsm Blockout PVC material enables printing on both sides. It’s also thick enough that no light shows through the banner during a bright, sunny day. Like other banner materials, it’s wind-permeable, fire-retardant, and reusable. Place this banner in front of your restaurant or shop to attract customers from both sides of the street or use it to advertise your business in a parade.

Always keep in mind the main function of your banner when picking out what material to use. Now that you know the available materials for banners and when they are best used, choosing one will be so much easier. So, get started with your next banner!