How to Make a Flyer in 2023 (Under two minutes)

How to Make a Flyer in 2023 (Under two minutes)

You ask for an easy marketing tool and there you have it: the flyer. One of the oldest and most popular ways to spread information about your brand. It’s effective and simple, you just need a hassle-free way to make your flyers. With Helloprint’s free design tool, you can create your own designs and have the flyers ready for whenever you need them, here’s how to do it in 4 steps:

Open up Helloprint. To be honest, we are helping you get the simplest print marketing product, but ordering a print with Helloprint is so easy that the process doesn’t differ much from other marketing materials you may need.

Browse through the various choices you have. Think about the goals you want to achieve with your flyer campaign and base your selection on those. Here’s a list of all the important choices you need to make.

Go to the free flyer design tool. There, you’ll be able to choose from thousands of templates organized by industry. After you choose your template, you can go ahead and start customizing, you can use one of the many free pictures to upload an image of your own. Customize the font sizes and colours. Integrate your own branding and state your powerful message.

Another way to easily design your flyer is with Canva! Here at HelloPrint, we have decided to take the hassle out of your hands and do all the hard work for you. Upload your design or choose from thousands of free templates on our Canva page.

You can have your flyers ready to print within seconds or take the time to deep dive into your design. Get creative with Canva x Helloprint! What is stopping you? Check it out here

It’s as simple as that. You can start flyer marketing in 10 minutes, with an effect that can last a lot longer, so head over to Helloprint to begin your campaign today!