How to Make a Memorable Business Card

A business card can be a very useful tool to give to potential customers. But let’s be honest. How many of the business cards you ever received were actually memorable? Not many, right? And with so many business cards out there (who doesn’t leave a business conference with a wallet stuffed with cards), it’s crucial to stand out and make sure that people really remember your brand.

In order for you to be able to make your own creative and memorable business card, you might need some inspiration. That’s why we decided to list five great examples of business cards that are both informative and clever.

Did You Mean

Did You Mean | How to Make a Memorable Business Card

First of all, this business card scores a 10 out of 10 for originality. With all the business cards out there that only have the contact information on there, it is really refreshing to see something completely different and out of the box. By using the ‘did you mean…’ text that we all know from Google, the company makes sure that you know that they are the go-to shop for laser printing in Dallas. The contact information is also cleverly added into the ‘search result’.


Dentist | How to Make a Memorable Business Card

This example of a business card is also very creative. When you take this card out of its sleeve, the tooth that is carved out in the sleeve changes to white. The strongest point is that the design makes you want to keep sliding the card back in. It is simple, yet very clever. The business card itself is very clean and minimalistic, which makes the design all the more striking and impressive.

Peek Behind the Scenes

Peek Behind the Scenes | How to Make a Memorable Business Card

So you’re a programmer. Sure, you can tell people that you’re legit and the right man for the job. But what if you can actually show people that you’re good and know what you are talking about? Chris also uses a minimalist approach to the business card and then finds a creative way to show the receiver of the business card his expertise, without having to pat himself on the back.


Humor | How to Make a Memorable Business Card

Getting divorced is obviously a very sad and serious occasion. This divorce lawyer decided to put some humor into his marketing strategy nonetheless. As you can see, both parties are able to take a piece of the business card, and both sides actually have the contact information on it. A smart way of actually promoting yourself by putting your profession center stage.

Blow up your Brand

Blow up your Brand | How to Make a Memorable Business Card

Another example of taking your profession and really using your imagination to find the best way to promote it. This chest physician figured out a way to make a business card that resembles lungs. When you blow up the balloon, it allows you to read all the contact information. Sure, this does take some effort for you to actually get the contact information, but it is also very memorable and creative.

Now this is a very specific example, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be a chest physician to use this method. Every entrepreneur in the world wants their brand to blow up, right? 😉 Just make it work for your brand!

We hope you now have enough inspiration to make sure that you can design a business card that actually stands out from the competition. Let us know in the comments if you come up with a cool idea yourself!