How to Measure Print Marketing Performance

How to Measure Print Marketing Performance

Is your print marketing effective? Print marketing performance used to be gauged by observing the increase in sales or new customers. The results weren’t accurate of course, but it was the only way to measure its performance at the time.

Technology has made it easier to track and calculate the ROI of offline marketing campaigns. Below are some methods for measuring the performance of your print marketing campaign:

Tracking Improvements

Track your sales and daily traffic of your store or online channels before, during, and after your print marketing campaign. Is there a rise in sales? Do you have more likes on your Facebook page? Though correlation is not always causation, you can estimate the effectiveness of your print campaigns by monitoring these factors.

Remember: All your other marketing endeavours must be constant before, during, and after the launch of your print marketing to get a clear reading.

Ask your Customers

There’s no harm in asking your customers directly or through a short survey about how they found out about your business. Did they discover you through your print marketing? Word-of-mouth? Or did they simply walk into your shop out of curiosity? A great moment to ask this is at account sign-up.

Quick tip: Give customers an incentive to provide feedback by offering them discounts, special offers, or corporate giveaways.

Coupons and Vouchers Tracking

While we’re still on the topic of free stuff. Let’s face it, no one can resist a good discount. Give out coupons and vouchers or include a coupon code in your flyers and posters people can use when they purchase from your physical or online store.          

The number of people using the discount code may not tell you exactly how many impressions the campaign received, but it tells how many saw the advertisements and converted to purchase.

Monitor Online Traffic Landing

Though you cannot monitor the number of people who look at your flyers, posters, and banners, you can track and analyse how many people are responding to it. Use offline marketing to direct traffic to a specific online page.

We recommend using a short customized URL seen only in your print marketing that directs customers to a landing page on your website, instead of a plain link to your company homepage. Use Google Analytics or other web analytics services to monitor web traffic results.

Quick tip: Instead of having a URL in your flyers and posters, maybe include a QR code customers can scan with their smartphones. QR codes can automatically direct customers to your landing page or other online channels.

Create a Hashtag

Using business-specific hashtags is another way of measuring print marketing performance and online engagement. People are inclined to use that hashtag whenever they want to talk online about your campaign.

Quick tip: Include a prize or incentive in your print marketing campaign. That way your customers are more likely to use the hashtag to get a better chance of winning.

Now that you know the different measurement methods, you are now able to check, if your print marketing has high performance or not. Let us know what kind of ROI results you got from your offline marketing in the comments below!