How to successfully organise a store opening

How to successfully organise a store opening

In 2020 the HEMA franchise in the small Dutch town Zaltbommel turns fifty years old. To make sure that everything is set up perfectly for that milestone, they are already preparing themselves. First off the store needed a complete renovation, so it had to close for a week. To make sure the reopening was a great event for all loyal customers, they asked Helloprint to help out.

Because opening a store is harder than it may seem. You have to make sure your staff is prepared, the entire store looks clean and also make sure that you get the right amount of attention. For that you need the right promotional materials. This is how we set that up.

Beach flags and balloons

To be sure that the entire town was aware that the HEMA was the place to be that Saturday, it was very important to be visible from a distance. That’s why we placed big beach flags with big HEMA logo’s right in front of the store. The entrance of the store was also decorated nicely with two big balloon pillars.


To create a great atmosphere where it feels like a party, you cannot forget about clothing. That’s why we printed these T-shirts saying “We’re back!”. The T-shirts are perfect for creating the right team spirit, while it also sends a great message to the loyal customer.

Selfie frame

A nice way to make sure that a store opening is a great experience for the customer, you can try to interact with them. For the HEMA we printed this fun selfie frame with the text “Hey ma, I’m in the HEMA”. The children in the store loved it and wanted to take pictures with it, which they could later share on their social media accounts. As a nice addition, HEMA also brought out an old school polaroid camera, so that the customers walked out of the store with a tangible memory.

Beach balls

When he had to think of what type of goodies to print, we decided to go for something original. On the day of the store opening, it was scorching hot outside. This meant that a lot of customers were likely to head to a lake or swimming pool later that day. So we printed some special HEMA beach balls to hand out.

Coupons for a free tompouce

When you think of the HEMA, you think of the tompouce – a delicious Dutch pie. That’s why 250 lucky customers received a coupon (printed on business cards) for a free tompouce. Handing out these coupons takes very little effort, but can really leave a positive impression on your customer.

It was a great day. Are you also planning on (re)opening your own store soon? Hopefully you now have the right inspiration to make the best out of it. Make sure to let us know how it went by leaving a comment below!