How To Successfully Rebrand Your Company

How To Successfully Rebrand Your Company

One of the most daring things a company can do is deciding to rebrand. Because no matter how much time you invest, at the end of the day you always take a risk. On the one hand, it gives you the opportunity to boost your brand’s profile, on the other hand, you might scare away potential customers. So how do you go about rebranding successfully?

First of all, it is important to realize that you need to be aware of what people really want to see. It is not necessarily about a beautiful design, but more about the right design with the right message for the right target group. This is why it is very important to do proper research before you start designing.

The most important change you can implement in a brand is a different logo. That’s why we will look at examples of successful rebrandings by companies who changed their brand logo.


Mailchimp | How To Successfully Rebrand Your Company

A very recent example of a successful rebrand happened last year at Mailchimp. The company’s mascot, who had been a part of their brand for longer, was given a spot in the logo design. They also completely changed up their typography to a more direct and bold style. A very rigorous change that feels very fresh and authentic. In a statement, Mailchimp said that they wanted to encourage creativity and allow expression. If you ask us, they did a great job.


Apple | How To Successfully Rebrand Your Company

This is a classic example of an extreme rebranding that turned out great for the company. You may not even know it, but Apple used to have a very colorful logo back in the days. It was introduced in 1976 and changed in the mid-90s. This was when Steve Jobs came back to the company and decided to base the philosophy of the brand on light shapes and cold colours. Therefore, it was only right they changed the logo. They were able to preserve the shape, but changed the colours. We all know what happened next, right?


Airbnb | How To Successfully Rebrand Your Company

There was a time that Airbnb was facing some very serious scandals, some of them even resulted in a lawsuit. At one point it became so bad that the company started to feel like it affected the image of the brand they had so carefully built. Therefore they decided a rebranding was necessary. They added a unique symbol to the logo and made the typography way cleaner. It is a huge difference, but if you ask us, way better than the former logo.

So that’s how you rebrand your company. Does your brand also need a little update? Then you now have the inspiration to get going.