How to Use Printed Products

How to Use Printed Products

Print products are very versatile. They can take a hundred forms and be used in a hundred ways. You can print text and images on flyers, posters, banners, glassware, and so much more.

Businesses can benefit so much from using print products in their marketing strategy. How so? Firstly, it is very cheap, so anybody can afford it. Secondly, it is perceived as trustworthy. It can do wonders for local businesses. It can relate to your digital marketing strategy well. It can serve as a PR stunt if you execute it well enough. Let’s get to how you can use print in your marketing strategy.

Print Marketing

Traditional Marketing

Using print to market your business can be done in so many ways. The first route you can take is the traditional route.

First, post banners and signs around your neighbourhood. These outdoor advertisements will definitely entice people into going to your shop. Even if people don’t enter your shop now, they’ll surely remember your business and spread the news through word-of-mouth.

Using flyers is another great way to feature your new products and services. For maximum exposure, improve your distribution strategy by distributing them in the places your target audience frequents or in waiting areas such as train platforms, reception areas, or doctor’s waiting rooms. Make sure you leave your flyers in high traffic areas, to attract as many people as possible. 

To ensure that your flyers will acquire the attention they deserve, they have to be catchy. Take a look at “How to Create a Catchy Flyer: 5 Things to Do & 5 To Avoid” to learn how to create effective flyers that can easily attract people. 

Hospitality Printing

While it’s great to use classic print marketing tools and strategies for your marketing campaign, try going for unexpected products, which are more than just advertisement.

In cafes, restaurants, and hotels, for example, items like placemats, tablecloths and even aprons could be printed with your brand’s logo. You can basically put your logo on various objects and BAM, it’s branding. Whenever these items are used for an event or carried around the hotel or restaurant, people will remember your brand. 

Be creative. We suggest starting from the outside of your establishment by getting a catchy pavement sign to draw in customers to your restaurant or hotel. You can have some nicely designed stickers on your doors to welcome people in. There are numerous ways to stand out, get inspiration from these 4 Tips to Promote Your Restaurant, Bar, Or Hotel to learn how you can use hospitality prints that make your business stand out among the competition. 

Guerilla Marketing

Aside from hospitality printing, you can use different print products for your guerilla marketing. This strategy is low-cost but high-impact and relies on being unconventional, innovative and creative. 

Why should you go for it?

It’s cheap and relatively easy to do. However, the best thing about guerilla marketing is that once the publicity snowball gets rolling, your reach just gets bigger and bigger. 

When we talk about printed products, popular ones such as leaflets, brochures, and posters are the ones usually remembered by people. We often forget that one of the best print products for guerilla marketing is the sticker. Stickers can be customised to any colour, shape, or size. They can also be stuck anywhere from walls, windows, and floors.

If you want to know more, check out “How to Use Stickers for Guerilla Marketing” to learn how to create convincing sticker guerilla marketing strategies. And if you want to see how we do it ourselves, check out our Prank video:

Marketing that “sticks”

Promotional Products

Printing isn’t limited to paper. Businesses have their logos printed on a number of functional promotional products such as pens, clothing, and even glassware. Brand awareness increases when these items are used by customers, employees, and business partners. A virtuous cycle of advertising set up by itself.

Just make sure you think outside of the box. Why settle for the same old pens and stationery as a branded gift, go for a more unexpected choice. In the crazy mobile age we live in, anybody would love to receive a free power bank, why not a flash drive or some headphones. It will be truly appreciated.

Printing for events

Business events have great value for your marketing. Consider going to trade shows, you can use business gifts as promotional items and as incentives for attendees to visit your booth. 

Another great way to give out promotional materials is to arrange giveaways for your customers. You know the saying “As you give, so shall you receive”. Thank your customers with some freebies, which would serve as an advertisement for your brand in the long run. This way you are working to retain your current customers and to gain new ones all at once.   

There’s a lot more you can do with print than you think. Print is very powerful, which makes it a vital part of any company’s marketing strategy.