How To Use Product Packaging to Build Your Brand

How To Use Product Packaging to Build Your Brand

Packaging can often be the first experience your customers have with your brand. Not only does it catch people’s attention, it also catches the imagination and plays a critical role in persuading your potential customers to purchase your product. It sets the impression for the product inside and helps establish your brand’s presence and identity in the market.

This is why businesses invest so much time, money, and research into their packaging. People appreciate thoughtful design. It makes them feel like your business cares about their unboxing experience. People love brand names, and they love to show other people that they purchase brand names, so will therefore be more drawn to a branded product in branded packaging than the equivalent unbranded version.

So how can you use creative branded packaging as a means to build your brand? Follow these five simple steps thats how 😉

1. Introduce your brand

Branded packaging is a great change to introduce your brand. It is a quick and easy way to tell people what you are as a brand, what you value, and what makes you different from everybody else. Good product presentation will get everybody interested in what your brand has to offer.

It is the first way customers can interact with your brand. Tell who you are, and get a real feel for what you have to offer.


Creative and stunning packaging designs have the power to influence people into buying a product. When making a decision between two similar products which one to try out, subconsciously consumers will make a choice based on the packaging, as at this point they have anything more to go off.

3. Communicate

Include information such as ingredients, nutritional facts, benefits from constant use, expiration dates, and other need-to-know about your product.

Make sure you are up to date with relevant packaging symbols relevant to your brand and product. If your product is vegan-friendly you need to make sure you have that easily recognisable vegan leaf in easy eye sight on your packaging.

4.Make it an Experience

The packaging of your product is a huge part of the customer experience. Receiving a pair of shoes in a canvas drawstring bag inside a solid matt shoe box, is a very different experience to a pair of shoes in a thin, bashed cardboard box.

Give your customers the right experience for your brand. Packaging is a low-cost way that you can make a huge difference to both your customers experience with the product and their impression of your brand.

5. Build your brand

There’s nothing like a shelf full of branded product packaging to boost your brand’s recognition and visibility. Get your brand noticed and dominating where it needs to be, so that your brand is top of mind to acquire new customers, and giving the right experience to make sure that your existing turn into loyal customers.

No matter what it is, if you have a product to sell, it pays to sell it in style in branded packaging.