How you can use print to decorate your home

Personalisation is a big trend in interior styling. Making your, house your home by using personalised photos of your children, of your family & friends or even your favourite holiday spot. There are many ways to apply. It’s so easy to give your interior space a personal twist, take a look at some of these ideas..


If your wall could use a bit of colour or depth, there are may ways to achieve this; for example, a giant canvas in the kitchen with a menu card, or a textile poster with a picture of your family. Are you in need of something more modern? A beautiful picture on acrylic would be perfect to create a more dynamic space.


Do you work from home and often in meetings? In that case you want to be perfectly understandable. With the acoustic panels of Helloprint you make sure the hard sounds are being muted and you decorate your office at the same time. With the acoustic hexagons you can even create a playful setup and bring atmosphere to your study.


Are you redecorating your kids rooms? Or are want ideas to decorate your new home? With photo wallpaper you can create a big gesture or keep it soft and simple, design whatever fits your style. Your son could sleep peacefully in the jungle, while you’re downstairs reading in the cosy corner.


Can’t find a bed sheet that matches your interior? No worries, at Helloprint you can design your own bed sheets. Do you want a specific pattern or true princess sheets for your daughter?


Do you want perfectly styled outdoor pillows for your garden? Or even a pillow of your loved pet! We have pillows in all kinds of shapes, sizes, indoor and outdoor. You can order them per piece or in bulk, the choice is yours.